Workout playlist: 5 songs for runners

Best Running Songs

Workout playlist: 5 songs for runners

There’s something about a great running song that has the power to transform a mediocre workout into an exceptional one.

Heck, the right song at the right time has the power to motivate you to get out the door in the first place.

  A good running song can even make you a better runner—a few years ago I solved my shin stress fracture problems by increasing my turnover rate to lessen the force of each impact.

  To do it, I found a bunch of songs with just the right tempo (180 beats per minute) and lined my strides up with the beats.

But what defines a good running song?  It’s hard to say.  Sometimes you love a song when you’re driving or at your desk, but when you take it out for a run, something just doesn’t jive.  The key isn’t necessarily a fast tempo; sometimes slow songs are just as good as upbeat ones.  A driving bass drum pulse might help, but on a two-hour run, that gets old quick.

Really, the only way to know a song works for running is to road-test it.  Make a playlist and try it out; you’ll know right away what works and what doesn’t.  Some will be surprisingly fit for running.  And you’ll have an inexplicable urge to skip right past some other songs that you were sure would be keepers when you made the list.

In my seven years of running, I’ve found lots of great running songs.  But there are certain ones that, no matter how many times I hear them, or how sick of them I am when I’m not running, make it onto my iPod every time.  That’s what this list is—my top 10 favorite running songs of all time. (I went to high school and college from 1995-2003, so you’ll have to excuse my post-grunge bias.)

The Top 10 Songs for Running

10. Foo Fighters – My Hero. A little on the slow side, but with Dave Grohl’s thundering drums and motivating lyrics, this one’s perfect for pounding out hill repeats or for when you’re really worn out and the fast stuff’s not cutting it.

9. Kelly Clarkson – My Life Would Suck Without You. Alright, I’m little embarrassed about this one.  If I’m ever listening to it in the car, I turn it down when someone walks by.  But for running, it’s got a driving beat and enough attitude to keep you pushing hard.

8.  Blink 182 – Anthem Part II. Say what you want about Blink 182, but man, can they churn out good running tunes.  (And filthy lyrics.) I could make a whole list of “Best Blink 182 Running Songs,” but since you’re not all teenage boys, I didn’t.  This song has a great build at the beginning is way up-tempo.

7. Pete Yorn – For Nancy (‘Cos It Already Is). You might not recognize this one by name, but if you heard it, you’d probably know it.  This one was popular when I was training for my very first marathon, so I have a soft spot for it.

6. Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People. My wife hates when she borrows my iPod and this one is on there.  But I love this song for hill workouts.  A band played a punk version of it when I was running the Virginia Beach Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, and I’ve been pretending to be a badass ever since.

5. Eric Johnson – Cliffs of Dover. Another one you might not know, but this song is a fantastic running track.

  There’s no vocal, so it’s easy to zone out and just listen to this guitar-god’s catchy little melody.  I ran to this song over and over when I was trying to groove a faster turnover rate, and it worked.

  Try it to test out your turnover, it’s hard to keep up at first!

4. The Postal Service – Such Great Heights. A little bit electronica, a little bit sappy emo.  But the beat is perfect for running and it just makes you feel awesome.  Great lyrics don’t hurt either.

3. Death Cab for Cutie – The Sound of Settling. I know, I know… two Ben Gibbard songs in a row.  But the hook is infectious, the tempo is perfect, and there’s something about this one that can pull you a funk no other.

2. The Darkness – I Believe in a Thing Called Love. Hands down, my favorite song to run to.  This guy is the greatest thing since Freddie Mercury (and I’m not talking about Adam Lambert, AI fans).  This is my go-to song when I’m just feeling slow—it picks me up, speeds me up, and makes me feel happy.

1. ________________________________________. Ok, I’m tricky… I only compiled nine songs, and left the final spot open.  Why?  I want you to fill it in, because I need something new to listen to! What’s your all-time favorite running song?

Update for Women Runners: You might be interested in 1984 Olympic women’s marathon champion Joan Benoit Samuelson’s Women’s Marathon Mix, a two-volume set of upbeat marathon training songs that I just discovered. The songs are surprisingly non-girly, considering the title of the album.

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The Best Running Music + My 5 Favorite Playlists

Workout playlist: 5 songs for runners

The right running playlist can make your run more fun and help you run longer and faster. I shared my five go-to Spotify playlists that I’ve use for training runs and races.

You won’t find Bon Jovi or classic rock on these, but you will hear an assortment of more current music from hip hop to instrumental to mainstream and ofeat.

There’s some of everything, including high energy and more mellow playlists.

Should you run with music?

Good music can make a good run even better and research has shown that people can run longer with music. (There’s something called the auditory motor synchronization that helps you regulate your pace.)

I listen to music while I run about 50% of the time.

  • If I have a long, solo run, I love music to help keep me entertained.
  • With a shorter easy run, I love to get lost in music and zone out.
  • If I have a long tempo run, a driving beat helps immensely.

But, sometimes I don’t listening to music when I run:

  • On the track or during any workout with lots of changes in pace, I never listen to music. I hate anything extra on me with speed work since it just annoys me.
  • When running with others. I think that’s so weird and I see it often.
  • And when I’m just craving some peace and quiet, away from electronics, I leave my phone at home while I run. I let my mind run free.

Should you race with music?

This is totally personal preference. I never do for 5Ks but do occasionally for longer races, including half marathons and marathons.

The 2018 Boston Marathon had horrible weather so while I wasn’t planning on using music for that race, I did simply because I knew that music helps me get through tough runs! And that was a tough day.

But at the 2019 Boston Marathon, when I had a big time goal, I didn’t listen to music since I knew I needed to pay attention to my body to regulate pace and push when I needed to.

But, in general, I lean towards not racing with music. I think a distraction can be fine on training runs but on race day, I to focus! Okay, on to the playlists!

1. 2019 Running Playlist

I started this one after I burned out on 2018 Running Playlist. It’s a little less mainstream than my 2018 mix except for Imagine Dragons – those songs are just so good!

2. 2018 Running Playlist

This one has 21 songs and 1 hour 15 minutes of music! It’s a good mix of mainstream, hip hop music plus some lesser-known bands. I used this for the majority of my Boston Marathon training runs this year.

3. Workout Music

This playlist has FOUR HOURS of music and it’s what I used during all my training for the Wrightsville Beach Marathon. It has a good mix of upbeat and some “zone out” songs. And it’s long enough to get you though very long runs.

4. Not Pop Workout Music

Sometimes, I just can’t deal with pop. You won’t find any Kesha or Rihanna on here.

5. Discover Keepers

(7 hours of music!!) This is a really random assortment of songs since it’s my catch-all playlist whenever I hear a song I . I this playlist for easy runs and it’s my go-to workout playlist for lifting days.

Happy running! With or without music!

Okay, your turn to share! Do you run with music? If not, why not? If so, what’s your favorite running song?

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60+ of the Best Running Songs to Make You Run Faster and Stronger

Workout playlist: 5 songs for runners

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Looking for the best running songs? This running playlist is full of 100+ good running songs whether you want something a little more relaxed or something that’s going to make you run even faster! They’re the best running songs ever

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase via these links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Before we talk about the running playlist, let me tell you a story.

Almost fifteen years ago, my brother got engaged to my sister-in-law while we were all on a family cruise. After seeing myself in pictures from that cruise, I said that I was going to run five times a week from the day after the cruise to the day my brother got married. 

And my soon to be sister-in-law laughed and said there was no way I could do it. 

I’m sure you can guess how the story ended.

I let my competitive side take over and ran five times a week not only until their wedding but also for months afterwards. I ran alongside my dad for the most part, and it was that summer that we decided to run our first half marathon together. 

That first half marathon in Athens, Ohio was amazing. And so was the second one in Death Valley, CA almost a year later.

I felt invincible.

While my dad barely crossed the finish line, I could’ve run at least another six miles. I haven’t felt that good since even though I’ve “run” another 13 half marathons since Death Valley and ran the Marine Corp Marathon almost ten years ago. 

I ran my last half-marathon right before I had my son in 2013 and now that I’ve just had my second baby, it’s time to start to run and get back into the running groove of things.

I’m determined to run another half-marathon before pregnancy derails me once again! 

Why Do You Need Good Running Songs? 

Some people listen to podcasts, some people meditate, some people just enjoy nature, and some people listen to music while they run. I’m a music person – have to have my music! 

I put together this collection of the best running songs to help me get back in that groove because there’s nothing better than a good running playlist to get you to put one foot in front of the other again and again. 

There have been so many times that I felt  I needed to walk or my legs just couldn’t go any further. And then a song Perfect by Pink came on, and it helped me keep going and get across that finish line.

I mean, how can you start walking when the music is actually telling you that you’re good enough.

Or how about Kelly Clarkson singing what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?

Yep, a good playlist can really make the difference between an “I feel invincible” run and a run that makes you want to throw away your running shoes and just eat ice cream every day for the rest of your life. Music really does help you run longer. 

A good workout playlist is almost as important as having the best half marathon training plan! 

And this my friends is the perfect running playlist. Or at least my perfect running playlist. 

Songs with words that remind you that you can do anything or beats that make your legs just keep moving. If you want something more for just working out, this list is full of good workout songs! 

They aren’t in any particular order because I typically just put it on shuffle so I can be surprised. 

Click on the song title in the playlist below to listen to a preview of the songs. And since I only listen to clean versions of songs, these are the clean versions. If you things unedited, feel free to get those instead. Want to add the Apple Music playlist to your own Apple Music? Get it here. 

And here’s the full list of good running songs – again in no particular order! This list of full of great running songs from back in the day when I was running years ago as well as songs from as recent as this year! 

Get the Running Playlist on Apple Music

Apple Music makes it easy to share playlists with other people! If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you can get the running playlist here. Just add it to your playlists and listen to it while you run! 

If you’re not already using Apple Music, I highly recommend it – one low monthly fee for pretty much any music you can think of! And sharing playlists is the best thing ever! 

And if you’re looking for great Christmas gifts for runners (or anytime of year) or a runners survival kit gift, an Apple Music subscription or iTunes gift card is always a safe bet! 

Other Running Essentials I Love

Along with good running songs, these are some of the other things that are always in my running bag! 

Feetures Running Socks
Foam Roller 
Garmin Forerunner
Running Shoes
Panache Sports Bra
Running Armband
No Slip Headband
Born to Run Book 
Run, Fat Boy, Run Movie 

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The 50 Best Running Songs of All Time

Workout playlist: 5 songs for runners

Men's Health Composite/Courtesy

1 “Testify” by Rage Against the Machine

Tom Morello’s driving guitar feeds off Zack de la Rocha’s resistance chants as he urges: “It’s right outside your door.” There’s no better song to remind—and motivate—that a run is right across the threshold.

Motivating lyric: With precision, you feed me // My witness, I’m hungry // Your temple it calms me, so I can carry on // My slaving, sweating the skin right off my bones


2 “Up the Mountain” by Vince DiCola

“Eye of the Tiger” steals all the thunder, but this short jab off the Rock IV soundtrack offers just as much power.Motivating lyric: [sweeping strings section]


3 “Don't Stop Me Now” by Queen

Freddy Mercury embraces all the burning glory and supersonic speed of a full-out, smile-on-the-face, let-the-legs-go first mile of a sunny-day run.Motivating lyric: Yeah, I'm a rocket ship on my way to Mars // On a collision course


4 “Breathe” by Prodigy

This sneering 1997 hit from the English electronic band features what sounds whip snaps, breaking glass, and jackals laughing. Pair that all with a menacing beat and suddenly you’re running much, much faster. Motivating lyric: Come play my game // Inhale, inhale, you're the victim // Come play my game // Exhale, exhale, exhale.


5 “Run Run Run” by Jill Scott

Claps and horns power this 2015 second-wind of a track. It’s having your own cheering section—no matter where you are on the course.Motivating lyric: Gotta hustle and handle my business // I'll be right back when I'm done


6 “Running” by Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx

Scott-Heron’s poetic contemplation, matched with Jamie xx’s forefoot-striking beats, evokes those long miles during training runs that raise the question: “Why do I do this?”Motivating lyric: Not running for my life // Because I have to be running for something of more value


7 “Mayday” by The Go! Team

Because not every run goes as planned.Motivating lyric: Introducing the SOS // Make a beeline cos I'm in distress


8 “Out In the Street” by Bruce Springsteen

They play “Born to Run” at every color run, 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, and obstacle race ever. When you’re sick of it (and you will be) try this track from The Boss’ 1980 album The River.


9 “10,000 Miles” by Cam'ron

Cam’ron of “Hey Ma” fame, rapping over Vanessa Carlton’s now-iconic piano melody. No, really.Motivating lyric: [do do dodododododododo]


10 “Take It On the Run” by REO Speedwagon

This 1980s heavy-rotation hit will have you fist-pumping as you sprint through the verses. Don’t forget your sweatband. Motivating lyric: You're under the gun so you take it on the run


11 “Running to the Sea” by Röyksopp

What starts as a slow thumping builds into a head rush of fuzz and pressure. Sound familiar?Motivating lyric: And the river flows beneath your skin // savage horses kept within


12 “Shoes for Running” by Big Boi feat. B.o.B, Wavves

Surf-indie rockers Wavves back up the faster half of Outkast in a goose chase through politics, truth, and mortality. Whew.Motivating lyric: Shoes for running, and I'll race ya // Sun is coming, it'll chase ya


13 “Start the Commotion” by The Wiseguys

The 1998 dance jam jangles and horn-blares through nearly six minutes of jumping, pumping craziness.Motivating lyric: Get up // Put the body in motion


14 “I Can See For Miles” by The Who

Depending on where you slot this one into your playlist, all you might be able to focus on is the repetition of “miles, and miles, and miles, and miles, and” you get the point.Motivating lyric: I know you've deceived me, now here's a surprise // I know that you have 'cause there's magic in my eyes


15 “Keep the Car Running” by Arcade Fire

The car—or you.Motivating lyric: I don't know why, but I know I can't stay


16 “Running” by Moderat

This something haunting about this 2016 track off the German band’s album III. Haunting in a way that propels you not from inside, but as if being chased.Motivating lyric: All this time running 'round // Legs and limbs


17 “Run to You” by Bryan Adams

The 1984 classic-rock powerhouse is studded with drumming that fires a starting gun and then up-tempos into a steady heartbeat.Motivating lyric: 'Cause when the feelin's right I'm gonna run all night


18 “Running If You Call My Name” by HAIM

The LA trio delivers driving lyrics to a steady throwback 80s beat. Go on, sing along.Motivating lyric: I will run away if you call my name // And I, I'll keep running if you come my way


19 “8 Miles and Runnin’” by Jay Z, feat. Freeway

Hova relays with Philly rapper Freeway on a wild, revenge-fueled ride off the 8 Mile soundtrack.

Motivating lyric: Revenge is sweet honey, we run this // Young is the illest, free is the future


20 “Where's Your Head At” by Basement Jaxx

That initial sound of a circulating saw cuts through your grey matter and opens your eyes wide awake. Then, for 4 minutes and 45 seconds, you’re thrown into complete insanity. This is speed work music.Motivating lyric: Okay are you ready? // I'm ready


21 “Keep on Runnin” by Sheer Mag

There’s not much to this 2019 guitar-centric track, lyric-wise, but what’s there is really all you need: “keep on runnin’.”Motivating lyric: On my back // They wanna see us fall // Decay, decay, decay // But I hear a distant call


22 “Runnin' with the Devil” by Van Halen

If you feel throwing up the horns when it charges into your earbuds, by all means.Motivating lyric: I live my life there's no tomorrow


23 “Jurass Finish First” by Jurassic 5

The Los Angeles grandmasters of rap style all over this 2000 Quality Control masterclass in hip-hop. The beat bounces along, right in step.Motivating lyric: I'm searching for ways to avoid the charade // Cause when voices are laid, choices are made


24 “Novacane” by Beck

Beck Hansen sounds a speed-fueled trucker shouting through a CB on this Odelay track. What begins slow and ominous quickly turns into the wheels falling off.

Motivating lyric: Novocaine, hit the road // Expressway, explode


25 “Let's Run Away” by Matt and Kim

The wildest married couple in electronic indie rock go absolutely nuts on this 2016 song off their EP We Were the Weirdos.Motivating lyric: Let's run, run, run, run away // Don't bring, bring anything


26 “Let's Go On The Run” by Chance the Rapper

Too many people talk about how much they hate
running. They don’t get it. Not enough people talk about how much fun running is. Chance gets it.Motivating lyric: Greaseproof, meep meep, I feel Road Runner // I get my feet loose


27 “Block Rockin' Beats” by The Chemical Brothers

It’s best played loud, in the city, as you tick off numbered streets, but it’ll do you well pretty much anywhere else too.Motivating lyric: We're 'bout ready to rock steady


28 “Run Away” by The Real McCoy

Don’t pretend this 90s banger doesn’t move your feet.Motivating lyric: It's time to break free // you better break free


29 “Runnin'” by The Pharcyde

This one’s for all the haters who ask, “What are you running from?”Motivating lyric: So I stood up and let my free form form free // Said I'm gonna get some before they knockin' out me


30 “The Distance” by Cake

Okay, so it’s about race car drivers. But a race is a race. And an engine is an engine.Motivating lyric: Because he's racing and pacing and plotting the course // He's fighting and biting and riding on his horse


31 “Run Hell” by Pink Floyd

This pulsating track off The Wall sounds a very little bit the Chariots of Fire theme song yet doesn’t conjure the same images of tiny white shorts.Motivating lyric: Don't leave me now // Don't say it's the end of the road


32 “Tired Climb” by Kylesa

Even if you’re not a metal fan, you’ll appreciate the long, plodding build of this opener to the Georgia band’s 2010 album Spiral Shadow. Embrace the burn.Motivating lyric: Keyed up, all tore up


33 “The Descent” by Bob Mould

Because for every grueling ascent, there’s a joyous descent.Motivating lyric: Now my race is finally run // And as I tumble to the Sun


34 “The Runner” by Foals

This stadium-rock anthem feels simultaneously wide in scope, but singularly focused. It’s one runner in a marathon full of them.Motivating lyric: Step by step I'll keep it up, I won't slow, I gotta go


35 “Run Through the Jungle” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

This swampy slap-and-clap Cosmo’s Factory jam feels you’re being pursued and the odds are against you. All you have, it seems, are your feet.Motivating lyric: Two hundred million guns are loaded // Satan cries “take aim”


36 “Runnin’” by Ludwig Goransson, feat. A$AP Rocky, Jacob Banks

The whole Creed II score is a force of nature, but this horn-blaring, guns-blazing, five-minute epic is the most inspiring ringside coach. Time to hit some steps.Motivating lyric: Runnin' outta breath, they gon know my name // Came up out the mud, brush the dirt off of me


37 “The Fire” by The Roots, feat. John Legend

This one’s for all the times you want to quit, when the lactic acid builds, and your brain can’t take another footfall. Don’t stop.Motivating lyric: Yeah, and if I'm ever at the crossroads // And start feeling mixed signals Morse code // My soul starts to grow colder than the North Pole // I try to focus on the whole of where the torch goes


38 “Running Away” by Friendly Fires

It’s good for running. It’s good for dancing too. Or dancing while you run.

Motivating lyric: Running away, keep on running away


39 “Speed Living” by The Growlers

Big brass blows through this meandering song, which, actually, isn’t the best for speed work. Deploy it to reinforce a strong and steady pace.

Motivating lyric: Can’t seem to put a harness on the go // Going too fast now to jump off


40 “Take The Money And Run” by Steve Miller Band

Yes, it’s a song about Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue, but it’s also about getting the heck Dodge and trying to make something of yourself.

Motivating lyric: They got the money, hey, you know they got away // They headed down south and they're still running today


41 “Help Me Run Away” by St. Lucia

With Devo- synth beats, the indie-electronic duo stampedes along nearly five minutes of trying to quiet the dissension of the mind.

Motivating lyric: Help me run away from these voices in my head


42 “Climb That Hill” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Because motivation is a muscle that needs working too.

Motivating lyric: Over that hill one more time // Got to get up in the morning, make my way // Over that hill again


43 “Escape 700” by The Chemical Brothers

Off the soundtrack for 2011’s Hanna (a movie with a lot of running), this hot-pursuit song is relentless. Pair it with a track workout.


44 “Marathon” by Rush

There comes a time in every runner’s life where they ponder, and then train for, and then actually attempt to run 26.2. For when that time comes, Rush is there for you.

Motivating lyric: It's a test of ultimate will // The heartbreak climb uphill // Got to pick up the pace // If you want to stay in the race


45 “When a Fire Starts To Burn” by Disclosure

The stutter-step beat of this 2014 dance track is for the depths of those rough, tough many-mile runs and races. It goes well with a caffeinated gummie.Motivating lyric: When a fire starts to burn, right, and it starts to spread


46 “Started from the Bottom” by Drake

This one is your pre-race pump-up jam. Reflect. Shake out. Focus. It’s go time.

Motivating lyric: I done kept it real from the jump


47 “Nice Guys Finish Last” by Green Day

And you’re not nice, are you?

Motivating lyric: Sometimes you're at your best // When you feel the worst


48 “Personal Best” by Small Black

You can see the finish line. And the clock. And all you need is one more push.

Motivating lyric: I don’t see us running time // But it’s true, we should've learned enough


49 “Finish Line / Drown” by Chance the Rapper, feat. T-Pain, Kirk Franklin, Eryn Allen Kane, Noname

Your victory lap.

Motivating lyric: I’ll be racing up the stairs // Imma get to the gates


50 “No More Runnin” by Animal Collective

Rest is important, too, you know.

Motivating lyric: I've got to breathe



The Top 100 Running Songs of All Time

Workout playlist: 5 songs for runners

As a runner, I often turn to music to keep me entertained and motivated during my training runs and races. I love discovering new running songs (even if “new” only means “new to me”), listening to them, and sharing them with others via my blog posts and page.I recently asked people to share their favorite running songs, then created a list of 100 titles, new and old, that keep us on our feet and on pace. List in hand, I asked members of, America's #1 weight loss and fitness website, to vote on their favorites, too.Find out which song took the tittle of best running song, whether your favorite made the list, and how you can download a brand new 60-minute running mix of the top 12 songs (as voted on by runners you)!No. 1 Running Song of All Time:Pink – Raise Your GlassWatch it on .No. 2:Survivor – Eye Of The TigerWatch it on .No. 3:Adele – Rolling In The DeepWatch it on .No. 4:Maroon 5 – Moves JaggerWatch it on .No. 5:LMFAO – Party Rock AnthemWatch it on .No. 6:Journey – Don't Stop Believin'Watch it on .No. 7:Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)Watch it on .No. 8:Black Eyed Peas – Pump ItWatch it on .No. 9:Bon Jovi – Livin' On A PrayerWatch it on .No. 10:Outkast – Hey Ya!Watch it on .No. 11:Eminem – Lose YourselfWatch it on .No. 12:Kenny Loggins – FootlooseWatch it on .Download SparkPeople's 142-160 BPM 60-minute continuous running remix of the 12 most popular running songs of all time for $7.99 on iTunes, or for $6.99 on Amazon! Here are the rest of the 100, ranked in order of your votes:13     Lady Gaga — ''Bad Romance''14     The Black Eyed Peas — ''Let's Get It Started''15     Ricky Martin — ''Livin' La Vida Loca''16     Van Halen — ''Jump''17     Bonnie Tyler — ''I Need A Hero''18     Jennifer Lopez — ''On The Floor''19     Blondie — ''Call Me''20     C+C Music Factory — ''Gonna Make You Sweat''21     Pitbull — ''Give Me Everything''22     Britney Spears — ''Toxic''23     Taio Cruz — ''Dynamite''24     The Go Go's — ''We Got The Beat''25     Katrina & The Waves — ''Walking On Sunshine''26     Foster the People — ''Pumped Up Kicks''27     Elton John — ''I'm Still Standing''28     Rick Springfield — ''Jessie's Girl''29     Billy Joel — ''We Didn't Start The Fire''30     Ram Jam — ''Black Betty''31     Blink 182 — ''All The Small Things''32     MC Hammer — ''U Can't Touch This''33     Soft Cell — ''Tainted Love''34     Duran Duran — ''Hungry The Wolf''35     ACDC — ''Thunder Struck''36     Queen — ''We Are The Champions''37     Madonna — ''4 Minutes''38     Rihanna — ''Only Girl In The World''39     Avril Lavigne — ''Girlfriend''40     Far East Movement — '' A G6''41     Devo — ''Whip It''42     Ke$ha — ''Your Love Is My Drug''43     Slumdog Millionaire Theme — ''Jai Ho''44     The Clash — ''Should I Stay Or Should I Go''45     Gorillaz — ''Feel Good Inc.''46     ZZ Top — ''Legs''47     Nirvana — ''Smells Teen Spirit''48     Neon Trees — ''Animal''49     Motley Crue — ''Kick Start My Heart''50     Britney Spears — ''Til The World Ends''51     The Verve — ''Bittersweet Symphony''52     ABBA — ''Waterloo''53     Billy Idol — ''Cradle Of Love''54     Aretha Franklin — ''Think''55     Shakira — ''Waka Waka''56     Tommy Tutone — ''867-5309''57     Pat Benatar — ''All Fired Up''58     M.I.A. — ''Paper Planes''59     Loverboy — ''Working For The Weekend''60     Jordin Sparks — ''Battlefield''61     Bill Conti — ''Gonna Fly Now (Rocky's Theme)''62     Elvis Presley — ''Jailhouse Rock''63     Tom Petty — ''Now I'm Free (Free Fallin')''64     Katy Perry — ''Waking Up In Vegas''65     Scandal — ''Goodbye To You''66     Prince — ''When Doves Cry''67     The Killers — ''Human''68     Aerosmith — ''I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing''69     Gwen Stefani — ''The Sweet Escape''70     Wiz Khalifa — ''Black And Yellow''71     KISS — ''I Was Made For Loving You''72     Madonna — '' A Prayer''73     Michael Sembello — ''Maniac''74     Frankie Goes To Hollywood — ''Relax''75     The Cars — ''Shake It Up''76     ABBA — ''Lay All Your Love On Me''77     U2 — ''Pride (In The Name Of Love)''78     Leanne Rimes — ''Can't Fight The Moonlight''79     Culture Club — ''Do You Really Want To Hurt Me''80     Flock of Seagulls — ''Ran (So Far Away)''81     Fall Out Boy — ''Thks Fr Th Mmrs''82     Judas Priest — ''Johnny B. Good''83     Pink Floyd — ''Learning To Fly''84     Janet Jackson — ''All For You''85     The Police — ''Do Do Do Da Da Da''86     Venga Boys — ''We To Party''87     Arctic Monkeys — ''I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor''88     The Doobie Brothers — ''Long Train Running''89     Daft Punk — ''One More Time''90     Keri Hilson — ''Pretty Girl Rock''91     Chris Brown — ''Turn Up The Music''92     Miley Cyrus — ''Can't Be Tamed''93     Hank Williams Jr. — ''Born To Boogie''94     Rihanna — ''Rehab''95     Jason Derulo — ''Ridin' Solo''96     Willow Smith — ''Whip My Hair''97     Aerosmith — ''Jaded''98     Hall & Oates — ''Private Eyes''99     Stevie Wonder — ''Sir Duke''100   Rod Stewart — ''Young Turks''You may also our 100 Most Motivating Workout Songs of All-Time.Did any of your favorites make the list? What are your favorite running songs right now?


40 Best Running Songs for 2020 – New Music for Running Playlist

Workout playlist: 5 songs for runners


Running definitely isn't easy. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, it's a continuously challenging workout because you're competing with your own time and endurance—and, I mean, that's the point! As the saying goes, no pain, no gain. But a killer playlist is sure to help you power through every single mile.

You need those high-energy songs to motivate you at the start, hardcore bass-heavy bops to keep your body in a steady rhythm, “angry” songs for the excruciatingly difficult moments, and your all time faves as a reward during your cool down.

Whether you're training for a marathon, or just starting to get into the habit of running, here's a list of songs that you can add to your playlist.

13. “Girls” by The 1975


11 Playlists To Run To If You’re Bored Of All Your Workout Music

Workout playlist: 5 songs for runners

Tired of listening to the same old songs when hitting the gym? Have you been jamming to the one playlist you made years ago on repeat? If you feel you’re in a rut when it comes to your exercise music, it may be time to find new running playlists that can beat the boredom — and, also help you make the most of your workout. Science has shown the music you listen to can can actually play an important role in your fitness routine. As Healthline reported, your playlist can encourage you to run longer, help you concentrate, and even improve your coordination during a workout.

On top of all that, research has revealed listening to music during a workout can boost your mood and up your confidence. Basically, your playlist can be the difference between whether working out feels a fun activity, or a grueling task. And, TBH, who wants to work out when it feels more a responsibility than a release?

If your music queue for your daily jog needs a refresher, you’re in luck. From pop hits and classic rock, to EDM bangers, here are 11 running playlists on Spotify that will help you feel pumped to exercise, and complete your cardio.


This Spotify playlist has over 18,000 followers, and is perf for anyone who loves upbeat, modern pop. Not to mention, it has over 30 hours of playtime — meaning it will keep you entertained for quite a few jogs.


Everyone know that you don't need to be going through a breakup to get the cathartic benefits of this three hour long playlist. Breakup anthems can be seriously empowering, and help you push through that run.


Love classic rock? Look no further: This playlist with over 8,000 followers has compiled a mix of over 150 high-energy rock hits so you can get your workout on.


If you're more into modern psychedelic rock than the classics, this playlist is for you. With faves from bands MGMT, Tame Impala, and M83, these beats will make your jog feel a breeze.


Refresh your fitness routine with feminist music. This playlist is comprised of all women artists who've released powerful songs — from classics by Tina Turner, to contemporary hits by Ariana Grande.


EDM fans, this playlist will become your go-to pick. It has over 33,000 followers, and two hours of playtime to make your workout less of a snore.


If you feel bored with your current jams, take a trip down memory lane. This playlist is basically a compilation of bands that played at Warped Tour in the '90s and 2000s, and will definitely transport you back to middle or high school — minus all the weird things that happen during adolescence.


Run to the beat to this rap and hip-hop playlist. Its 71-song lineup includes favorites from the last three decades, and will keep you feeling pumped for the duration of your workout.


This workout playlist has over 500,000 followers, and has a mix of pop music, EDM, and other popular songs. It's a great go-to for anyone just looking for a reliable pick to switch up from their current playlist.


If you need a little extra motivation to make it through an intensive exercise routine, this playlist can help. All the songs are approximately 180 beats per minute (BPM), which means they'll help you run a little faster if that's your goal.


It's important to have a couple songs at the end of your jog that help slow down your heart rate, and help you feel relaxed after a good workout. This playlist may be short, but it's a good one to add to your queue.

Don't let your workouts suffer because you're bored of listening to the same music on repeat. Renew your runs with these 11, high-energy playlist picks that will put the pep back into your step.

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