Frizzy Hair: This Hair Product Is The Best Solution For Taming Frizz

26 humidity and frizz-fighting hair products to try now

Frizzy Hair: This Hair Product Is The Best Solution For Taming Frizz

Summer could easily be the season with the most (and worst) bad hair days thanks to sky-high humidity levels.

“As hair absorbs moisture from the environment, it can become frizzy, dry and wiry — making it hard to style,” said Leon van Gorkom, a research and development director at Unilever.

To avoid spending hours reading hair product labels, TODAY Style asked top experts to name their No. 1 frizz-fighter for humidity-proofing hair. The best part? They’re all available at your local drugstore.

With a little help from these products for frizzy hair, summer just might be your new favorite hair season!

“Fixing frizz requires hydration, and this product delivers just that. It works to replenish moisture and contains restorative ingredients vitamin C to fight environmental aggressors.

As an added bonus, this cream offers heat protection so you can blow dry to your heart’s content,” said Juan Carlos Maciques, a stylist at the Rita Hazan Salon in New York City, whose celebrity clients include Jennifer Lopez and Chrissy Teigen.

“I noticed this product at my local drugstore years ago and it’s been my go-to frizz fighter ever since. Using a pea-sized amount, I apply it to dry hair once a day after styling,” said Larry Sims, a Los Angeles-based hairstylist. “The formula is super concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

“Simply emulsify the lotion in your palms and apply from root to tip. It not only tames flyaways, but it also gives hair luxurious shine and works well on all hair textures. It’s always in my kit,” Sims (whose clients include Gabrielle Union and Mary J. Blige) explained.

“I discovered this lavender-infused pomade when it was gifted to me on set. It’s now my No. 1 product for frizz and flyaways because it works on every hair type and the scent is subtle, not overpowering. I add a little to my clients’ hair right before we shoot to create extra shine,” said Crystal Cook, a Los Angeles-based hairstylist whose clients include Emma Roberts and Tyler Posey.

“This oil is my favorite anti-frizz product for use on all hair types because it nourishes strands and gives off a ton of gorgeous shine.

I apply a drop to fine hair to avoid any greasiness, then make my way up to a couple of pumps for coarse, curly hair.

A wonderful bonus: It smells light and powdery, an old-fashioned fragrance!” said Julie Dickson, hairstylist and owner of the Pembley Salon in New York City.

“I use this keratin-infused cream on wet hair — it’s great for adding texture and volume for an air-dried or blown-out look. For extra humidity protection, rub a little between your hands and run it through dry hair before braving the elements,” said Dana Boyer, a New York City-based stylist whose celebrity clients include Bethenny Frankel and Finn Wittrock.

“A makeup artist introduced me to this product when we were working together on set. It’s extremely lightweight and I love that you only need a small amount to get the job done.

I prefer to use it on dry hair, once the style is set, which keeps the frizz to a minimum and maintains the look throughout the course of the day,” said David Cruz, a New York City-based celebrity stylist whose clients include Chrissy Teigen and Coco Rocha.

“This is an amazing, weightless, anti-frizz oil and it’s really easy to use. I apply a few drops on towel-dried hair and then blow out as usual.

Sometimes I also apply it on dry hair; a few drops will create amazing shine and luster,” said Paul Labrecque, a stylist and owner of the Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa in New York City, whose celebrity clients include Renee Zellweger and Emily Blunt.

“This leave-in treatment instantly tames frizz on all hair types, including straight and curly hair.

Apply a quarter-size amount to clean, damp hair and then blow dry or air dry to enhance hair’s natural texture.

It’s my ultimate frizz fighter!” said Xavier Velasquez, a celebrity stylist at the Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon in New York City, whose clients include Famke Janssen and Claire Danes.

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“As you can tell from the name, this product smooths frizz instantly while taming flyaways. I usually massage two to three drops on either wet or dry hair — it works on both — to keep frizz at bay,” said Johnny Lavoy, a Connecticut-based hairstylist whose clients include Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town.

“This product is basically magic in a bottle when it comes to smoothing frizz and keeping hair soft to the touch. The serum has the properties of both a gel and a serum: If you put it on wet hair, it acts a serum with the holding power of a gel.

If you put it on slightly damp hair, it acts a gel with the softness of a serum. It never weighs hair down while keeping the memory of your style intact.

Not to mention, the subtle gold flecks give hair the perfect sheen,” said Jill Engelsen, a stylist at Butterfly Studio Salon in New York City.

“A new client sent me a sample of this amazing serum; now I’m never without it. My hair is more resilient and elastic, but most importantly its less brittle and frizzy.

After I blow dry, it looks super healthy and shiny.

I am totally obsessed and hooked!” said Sharon Dorram, master colorist at Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger Salon in New York City, whose clients include Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson.

“This oil is my go-to anti-frizz product because it helps smooth out frizz and split ends while moisturizing hair fibers on a deeper level. I recommend putting a small amount in the palms of your hands and rubbing them together before applying from mid-length to end,” said Mara Roszak, a Los Angeles-based stylist whose clients include Emma Stone and Lily Collins.

“Your best defense against summer frizz starts with a lightweight but effective blow-dry spray. I’ve been using this one for years on my most demanding clients who require maximum frizz reduction, but want a lightweight, airy finish to their blow dry,” said David Lopez, a New York City-based hairstylist whose clients include Ashley Graham and Hailey Baldwin.

“With a combination of jojoba and argan oil, it decreases drying time and provides heat protection while detangling and blocking out humidity,” Lopez explained. “Apply to wet hair so it’s easy to distribute evenly along the hair shaft. The results are long lasting and can withstand any steamy day.”

“I discovered this product through experimentation after I realized that oil-rich products weren’t enough to get rid of frizz; you also need a hold product.

This one is strong enough to control frizz but the end result is a soft hold, meaning your hair will still move and not look stiff.

The best part is it works on both fine and coarse hair,” said Jon Reyman, a New York City-based stylist and founder of the Spoke & Weal Salon.

“I learned about this anti-humidity spray on Instagram when I saw a stylist use it on Jennifer Lopez. Being a Latina, I understand frizz and found this product so easy to use.

Mist it on in sections to towel-dried hair, and then comb through for even distribution.

Humidity is brutal on hair, but this product will truly keep you frizz-free!” said Bia Young, a stylist at the Adam Broderick Salon & Spa in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

“I discovered this while looking for something lightweight to prevent frizz around the hairline and crown. I love it because it’s strong enough to last through a humid Florida night out and allows me to create volume without oily aftereffects,” said Jahzel Montana, a hairstylist at the Sean Donaldson Salon in Miami whose celebrity clients include Larsa Pippen and Ruby Rose.

“This spray has become my secret weapon because it keeps frizz and static at bay no matter what the weather. I use it as a final step — you simply apply it to dry hair you would hair spray. It’s also a great product to have in your bag for quick touch-ups,” said Michael Duenas, a Los Angeles-based celebrity stylist whose clients include Noah Cyrus and Rob Lowe.

“This spray is definitely my go-to anti-frizz product because it controls the hair while maintaining softness and movement. I prefer to brush the product through while the hair is still wet, which helps give it perfect definition,” said Claudio Belizario, a New York City-based celebrity stylist whose clients include Hailey Baldwin and Ashlee Simpson.

This product is so popular it was also recommended by a few other stylists who described as a “must-have.”

“I can’t live without this product, especially in the summer. It’s anti-static so it controls flyaways. It’s always my final step when finishing a style and protecting hair from humidity.

It has UV and heat-protectant properties, making it the ideal product to throw in your beach bag.

I discovered it doing hair during humid Miami Swim Week — enough said!” said Adam Bogucki, a stylist at Lumination Salon in Chicago.

“Frizz and shine products can be greasy and have a tendency to weigh hair down, but that doesn’t apply to this lightweight spray.

It prevents static, flyaways and frizz while creating soft texture and adding shine to all hair types and styles.

Just be sure to hold the can a good 12 inches away from dry or damp hair so it distributes evenly,” said Salvatore Malafronte, a stylist at Salon Mario Russo in Boston, whose clients include America Ferrera and Anna Camp.

“I first discovered this great anti-frizz product during New York Fashion Week when I was creating a sleek ponytail for a runway show. The product made the models’ hair super shiny and frizz-free while keeping it in place all night,” said Justine Marjan, a Los Angeles-based celebrity stylist whose clients include Khloe Kardashian and Olivia Culpo.

“These products hydrate hair, tame frizz and smooth curls. I love that they’re loaded with natural ingredients coconut water and sunflower extract.

Simply shampoo and condition while your hair is still wet, then detangle any curls by using your fingers — don’t reach for a comb or brush! They'll only lead to breakage,” said Antonio Diaz, a New York City-based celebrity stylist whose clients include Alicia Keys and Padma Lakshmi.

“This pairing works to eliminate frizz, while nourishing hair with a blend of coconut, argan and almond oils.

I recommend both the shampoo and conditioner to my clients because they’re affordable — at around $4 per bottle — and non-greasy.

They won’t weigh hair down despite being super moisturizing,” said Kylee Heath, a Los Angeles-based celebrity stylist whose clients include Nicole Kidman and Amy Poehler.

“This is one of my all-time favorite products to get rid of frizz. I discovered it while I was working with an editorial fashion stylist who loved the flexibility of this spray.

I could use it all day to create multiple styles and the hair never got crunchy and was still so touchable,” said Sarah Potempa, a New York City-based hairstylist whose clients include Lea Michele, Chrissy Teigen and Reese Witherspoon.

“There’s nothing better than a leave-in conditioner that provides moisture and calms frizz while also providing heat protection. Plus, I love when a product smells just as good as it works. This one smells a mix of my mother’s baking and fresh flowers,” said Julius Michael, owner of the Julius Michael Salon in Scarsdale, New York, whose clients include Jenny McCarthy and Bethenny Frankel.

“I discovered this hair wrap when it was delivered to the ‘Modern Family’ set for stylists to test. It’s made with 100% silk, which keeps my hair frizz-free when I’m sleeping or flying on a long international flight.

After I blow out my hair at night, I put on the wrap and that’s when the magic happens — when I wake up in the morning, my hair looks it was freshly blown out.

On top of that, the wrap is super cute!” said Jessica Elbaum, a Los Angeles-based hairstylist whose clients include Sofia Vergara and Sarah Hyland.

For more hair must-haves, check out:

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Frizzy Hair Tips – How to Tame and Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

Frizzy Hair: This Hair Product Is The Best Solution For Taming Frizz


Almost all of us battle frizz (95% of GH’s tester panel!). But even when you use anti-frizz products, sometimes nothing seems to work on those scorching-hot summer days. One possible reason for a product fail? Waiting too long to apply it post-shower, which allows fuzz to start forming, especially in a steamy bathroom.

Another factor: Just as plant roots travel toward the nearest source of water in the soil, your hair reaches for the nearest source moisture in the air. The effect is a head full of frizz that can ruin even the best beauty look.

While you can't zap the moisture the air on a humid summer's day, you can apply enough moisture to your hair so it doesn't have to search for it elsewhere.

Stephen Thevenot, a New York-based hairstylist at Eva Scrivo Salon shared his top frizz fighting tips:

1. Start with a good haircut

Get rid of dry, dead ends. Split ends can travel up the strand causing more damage and frizz, so it's best to get a haircut when you start to notice fraying. If you live in a region with high humidity, Thevenot recommends a haircut with blunt lines. “This helps keep weight in the haircut, which also helps keep the hair down,” he says.

2. Turn down the temp

While a hot shower may feel good on your muscles, it doesn't do much good for your hair.

“The temperature of the water can cause the cuticle to raise” says Thevenot, “and when the cuticles are raised, hair needs more moisture.

” That doesn't necessarily mean you should suffer through a shivering shower: Just turn the knob down a notch or two so your shower is warm, but not steaming.

3. Wash wisely

“Products with high alcohol content tend to dehydrate the hair causing the hair to search for moisture,” says Thevenot. To reduce frizz, use shampoos with hydrating ingredients glycerin, which is a great humectant, meaning it absorbs the extra moisture in the air to create a protective coating over the strands.

4. Condition, condition, condition

You may think you need to shampoo your hair every time you shower, but that just isn't the case. Even the best frizz fighting shampoos can still strip away your hair's natural oils and moisturizers.

Instead, alternate between using shampoo and conditioner one day and just conditioner the next to lock in your natural moisture.

Also, be sure to only condition from the nape of the neck toward the ends of your strands to avoid a greasy scalp.

5. Mask the frizz

A serious case of hair frizzies requires a seriously strong solution. Once a week work a moisturizing hair mask through your mane.

Ingredients coconut oil, argan oil, and just about any other oil (not mechanical oil) can do wonders to your hair, which is why we love Neutrogena's Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask ($13).

It's formulated with olive and meadowfoam seed to penetrate the hair and bring moisture straight into the center of the shaft, and sweet almond to lock it in.

6. Reduce friction

Rubbing a towel aggressively against your hair disrupts the cuticle. Instead, Thevenot recommends drying your hair in a towel turban to prevent friction frizz. You can also reduce friction by swapping out your cotton pillowcase for a silk pillowcase. The slippery fabric allows hair cuticles to glide across the pillowcase rather than get snagged by it.

If you shower at night or just want to preserve a perfect blowout for second day hair, try pulling your hair back into loose buns.

This helps keep your hair from moving around while you toss and turn and it prevents morning tangles. When it comes time to brush your hair, ditch your normal brush and opt for a wide toothed comb instead.

Less bristles mean less friction on your hair and less breakage from forcing thick tangles through rows of bristles.

7. Apply stylers strategically

The best way to keep your hair frizz-free is to lock in moisture right after you shower by combing a leave-in treatment through your hair.

Look for products containing oils and silicons, which build a barrier on the hair, helping to keep the moisture in the air from getting under the cuticle.

For hair curly hair that shines, try Biosilk's Silk Therapy with Organic Coconut Oil Leave-In Treatment ($19), which not only prevents frizz, but coconut oil also helps protect against breakage.

8. Shield strands from heat

Thevenot recommends minimizing your use of hot tools on your hair, but on days when you just can't put the curling iron down, he advises you use a heat protectant to reduce damage to your hair. “Most working sprays have heat protectants built in as well as anti-humectants,” says Thevenot. See some of our favorites below.

9. Diffuse your curls

If you have curly or wavy hair, blow dryers are probably your worst enemy, but with a little modification they can be your best frizz fighting friend.

Just attach a diffuser to the front and scrunch your hair from tip to root as you wait for each section to dry.

Normal hair dryers toss hair around, causing friction and frizz, a diffuser helps you dry your hair without all that movement so your curls can bounce, not fray.

10. Brush down frizz

Once your hair is dry and styled, you may still have a few flyaways. To set them into place, spray a clean mascara wand or toothbrush with alcohol-free hairspray before combing them through your hair. The close bristles make these tools perfect locking each hair into place for a sleek bun or a high-pony that pulls your hair your face and lasts all day.


The best anti-frizz products for every hair type

Frizzy Hair: This Hair Product Is The Best Solution For Taming Frizz

Who hasn't had a bad hair day thanks to dreaded frizz?

Even the smoothest hair can look a shower loofah past its prime within minutes when there's too much moisture in the air. It can strike anytime, come rain (and there's been a lot of that recently) or shine, no matter your hair type.

Generally, frizz is caused by dry, rough hair overcompensating and absorbing moisture from the environment, coupled with additional said moisture in the air And trying to de-frizz can be an expensive and never-ending battle. Although shelves are filled with serums, creams, sprays, and other products all claiming to help you maintain smooth hair, there are many out there that quite frankly don't cut it.

To save you time and money on products that don't work, our team of frizzy-haired testers has researched hundreds of expert and consumer reviews, and tested the most popular anti-frizz products on the market to come up with the best of the best for all hair types and budgets. 

Here are the best anti-frizz products you can buy in 2019:

Updated on 6/11/2019 by Jada Wong: Updated copy, formatting, links, and prices.


If you're blessed with beautiful curls or beachy waves, you're probably also used to frizz. Curly and wavy hair is typically drier due to your hair's natural oils needing to twist and turn to travel down the hair shaft rather than doing a 90-degree drop with straight hair. 

Enter Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel.

Formulated with wheat protein and styling polymers, it helps define hair for shiny, bouncing curls. Anti-frizz technology seals the hair cuticle to lock moisture in and keep humidity out. It also contains a UV filter to protect your hair from the sun and keep it from drying out even more.

You can use it on damp hair or as a final coat after styling to humidity-proof your hair. Our tester was impressed with the results as it did a great job keeping frizz away, leaving her with gorgeous waves and high shine.

Not only do we rate Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel as our best pick for curly and wavy hair, it's popular with top hairstylists and is in “Top 10” lists on Health and Byrdie. It also has an average of 4.2 5 stars from almost 1,000 reviewers on Sephora.

There are some other great frizz-fighting products in Ouidad's Advanced Climate Control line including the Defrizzing Shampoo, Defrizzing Conditioner, and Detangling Heat Spray.

Pros: Free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and animal cruelty 

Cons: Pricey

Buy Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel at Sephora for $26

$26.00 from Sephora John Frieda

Coarse or thick hair can be even more susceptible to frizz than curly hair because of the same reason — it's drier and oils need to work harder to get down the hair shaft. The Extra Strength 6 Effects + Serum from John Frieda's iconic Frizz-Ease range is ideal if this is your hair type.

Designed specifically for thick, coarse hair, this multi-purpose serum is formulated with ingredients silk proteins and seaweed extract to calm unruly flyaways, hydrate dry hair, smooth frizz, amd protect against humidity and heat damage.

For the best results, you should apply a dime-sized amount to soaking wet hair before it can absorb moisture from the air, avoiding the roots, and then follow with your regular styling products. This serum can also be used on dry ends when they're in need of a touch up.

Our tester loved this drugstore serum. She found that her usually coarse, frizzy hair was smoother, shinier, and more manageable, even in humid weather.

There are other great products in John Frieda's Frizz Ease range, including the Flawlessly Straight Shampoo and Conditioner, Secret Weapon Touch-Up Crème, and Moisture Barrier Hair Spray.

It's not just us who love this serum. It's Refinery 29's “top anti-frizz product” and is featured on Rank and Style's “best anti-frizz products” list.

Pros: Budget friendly, protects against heat damage, suitable for most hair types

Cons: Those with fine hair might find this serum too heavy

Buy the John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength 6 Effects + Serum on Target for $9.99

$9.99 from Target $8.52 from Amazon Kenra

Even those with fine hair me can be victims of frizz, and I am no stranger to bad hair days. For me, rain is a big culprit. Every day it rains, I look out the window and groan knowing that the minute I set foot out the door, my hair will go poof.

If you have fine hair, you might want to avoid heavy serums and oils. While they're great for coarse and curly hair, they can weigh down fine hair, making it look greasy and lifeless — not the look you're hoping for. Instead, it's best to opt for a spray such as the Kenra Platinum Luxe One Leave-in Miracle Spray.

This multitasker is great for all hair types, but it works well on fine hair as it's designed to fight frizz, provide incredible manageability, and protect against heat damage all while still being lightweight.

It can also be used as a hair lotion or for refreshing styles.

The spray is enriched with colloidal gold particles said to add shine, but hydrated, frizz-free hair becomes naturally shiny anyway so let's call this one a draw. 

This is my go-to product for my fine hair.

Although the directions say to spray directly into hair, the liquid comes out thick so instead, I'll spray a couple of pumps into my palms and then spread it through the mid-lengths and down to the ends. It smells great, detangles my hair, and does a great job of smoothing flyaways without making my hair flat. It even holds up well on rainy days.

Pros: Lightweight, multipurpose, suitable for all hair types including damaged hair

Cons: It doesn't spray well directly onto hair, quite expensive

Buy the Kenra Platinum Luxe One Leave-in Miracle Spray at Walmart for $15.29

$15.29 from Walmart $25.00 from Ulta Moroccanoil

A serum or oil such as the award-winning Moroccanoil Treatment works wonders to smooth and de-frizz dry, damaged hair, which can be vulnerable to frizz and breakage that most other hair types. 

This cult classic pioneered oil-infused hair care and created the worldwide buzz around argan oil. Infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil and vitamin-rich flax seed, this versatile multi-purpose serum can be used for conditioning, styling, and finishing looks as well as detangling and strengthening hair.

It also speeds up blow-drying time and boosts shine. Although it's good for most hair types, it's ideal if you have dry, damaged hair as it intensely smooths and conditions split ends.

Moroccanoil Treatment can be applied to wet hair before styling or to dry hair if your hair needs some extra TLC. Our tester loved the delicious musky yet citrus-y scent, and found the formula absorbed quickly without feeling greasy. Her hair felt smooth and silky after use and it lasted all day long too.

We're not the only ones who love the Moroccanoil Treatment, it's Best Review's “best anti-frizz oil” and has a whopping 4.7 5 stars on Sephora with more than 800 reviews and 50,000 loves. One delighted reviewer called it “a lifesaver for dry, frizzy, and bleached hair.”

Pros: Free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates, good for all hair types, multipurpose

Cons: Might weigh down fine hair, expensive but a little goes a long way

Buy the Moroccanoil Treatment at Sephora for $34

$34.00 from Sephora Garnier Fructis

If you have straight hair that's also prone to frizz, the Garnier Fructis Style Frizz Guard Sleek Anti-Frizz Dry Spray is ideal.

Popular with top hairstylists, this dry spray is designed to zap frizz, static, and flyaways, while sealing in moisture and keeping humidity out. The lightweight formula contains argan oil to smooth your hair cuticle and add shine without weighing it down. It's best used on dry hair after styling and the convenient spray makes it easy to use throughout the day if you need touch ups.

I found that this spray doesn't feel greasy and does a great job of keeping my hair frizz-free all day long without weighing it down. It has quite a strong fruity scent, which some might find off-putting.

The Garnier Fructis Style Frizz Guard Sleek Anti-Frizz Dry Spray is highly rated with LA-based celebrity hair stylist Michael Duenas telling Today, “This spray has become my secret weapon because it keeps frizz and static at bay no matter what the weather.” 

Other great frizz-fighting products in the Fructis Style range are the Smooth Blow Dry Anti-Frizz Cream, Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk, and Smooth Air Dry Anti-Frizz Cream.

Pros: Affordable price, paraben free, suitable for all hair types, doesn't weigh down hair

Cons: Some might find the scent too strong, doesn't last as long as some of the more expensive products

Buy the Garnier Fructis Style Frizz Guard Sleek Anti-Frizz Dry Spray at Walmart for $11.39

$11.39 from Walmart R+Co/

If you use any type of heat styling tool on your hair — whether it's a hair dryer, curling iron, or straightener — a heat protectant is a must-have.

We did the research and read the reviews to find the best heat protectant sprays that cost less than $25.

 For this guide, we chose to go with heat protectant sprays because they're versatile, provide even coverage, and when used properly, won't weigh hair down.

Here are our picks for the best heat protectant sprays that cost less than $25:

The best hair straighteners you can buy

Not everyone is born with pin-straight hair, but even if your hair is super curly, a good hair straightener can give you the sleek look you crave. The HSI Professional hair straightener is an Amazon favorite, providing high-quality, professional results for all kinds of hair types at a budget-friendly price.

Here are best hair straighteners you can buy in 2019:

The best hair dryers for every hair type and budget

With so many different hair dryers to choose from, it's hard to know which ones won't lead to lackluster hair and buyer's remorse. The Rusk CTC Lite is our top pick because it dries hair quickly without damaging it, it's lightweight and easy to hold, and it has seven different heat and speed settings to ensure that your blow out looks perfect.

Here are our top picks for the best hair dryers in 2019:

The best detangling sprays you can buy

If your hair still becomes a tangled ball of knots, no matter how much conditioner you use, you should invest in a good detangling spray, to make combing your hair a pain-free experience.

To save you time and money, we've researched hundreds of expert and consumer reviews to find the best options available. Whether you've got natural, curly, thick or damaged hair, we've found the top detangling sprays around that will tame your knots.

Here are the best detangling sprays you can buy:

The best anti-frizz hair products you can buy

It's not just the summer heat and sky-high humidity that can wreak havoc on your hair — Rain and even damp weather can turn it from fabulous to frizzy in an instant. It's important to be prepared and have a good anti-frizz product in your beauty arsenal to stop yet another bad hair day.

To save you time and money on products that don't work, as well as researching hundreds of expert and consumer reviews, our team of frizzy-headed testers has put the best anti-frizz products on the market to the test to come up with the best of the best for all hair types and budgets.

Here are the best anti-frizz products you can buy:

Some days you just run time to wash your hair, but that doesn't mean it has to look greasy. Dry shampoo is here to save you from a bad hair day. Of all the dry shampoos around, R+Co's Death Valley Dry Shampoo is the best because it makes your hair look new. Here are the best dry shampoos you can buy:

Impossible as it might be to find a shampoo that works for every hair type, Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo comes pretty close. That's why it's our top pick — Living Proof's basic formula really works and it might even help you wash your hair less often. These are the five best shampoos for all hair types:

The best hair conditioner you can buy

Hair conditioner is a necessity if you want soft, silky strands. thousands of bottles, shoppers agree that Silk18 Argan Oil Hair Conditioner is the best — no matter your hair type.

You might also the DevaCurl One Condition Original Daily Cream Conditioner, the It's a 10 Leave-In Conditioner, the Redken Color Extend Conditioner, or the Pantene Pro-V Moisture Renewal Conditioner depending on your hair needs.

The best hair masks you can buy

Hair masks are an affordable and easy way to give your hair a salon treatment from the comfort of your own home. Here are the best hair masks you can buy:

The best hair volumizing products you can buy

If you have flat, fine hair with little volume, more often than not, adding hair products to your routine just makes matters worse, that is, unless you're using volumizing products.

Here are the best hair volumizing products you can buy:

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The 21 Best Anti-Frizz Hair Products for Curly, Wavy and Straight Hair

Frizzy Hair: This Hair Product Is The Best Solution For Taming Frizz

As the saying goes, the higher the hair, the closer to God. But when that includes unintentional or unwanted frizz, it doesn't seem so heavenly.

While an undefined, slightly frizzy crown can be a look (, a long night at Studio 54 type of look), sometimes, frizz is just the opposite of what we want for our hair. Of course, there are several hair brands that know the struggle and want to help you fight it.

And we're not only talking about your run-of-the-mill spritzers and serums. These days, there are so many defrizzer options out there for every hair type, whether your strands are pin-straight or unapologetically kinky.

There are leave-in conditioners, oils, shampoos, even wipes to help you in your pursuit of frizz-free (or mostly frizz-free) hair. And we've rounded up some of the best ones out there. So, if you're not about that height, and prefer to keep things a bit more down to earth, here are a few products you need.

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  • Living Proof has got a new addition to its beloved no frizz line. This spray-on dry conditioning spray will help tame those stubborn hairs that won't lay down or get into formation. If you've got straighter hair, just spray and smooth down your hair with your hands or a comb. Those with curls should squeeze the section you sprayed for an easy way to tame some of your errant hairs.$29 (Shop Now)
  • These ingenious portable anti-frizz hair sheets from Ouai are a great tool for keeping your hair in check while on the go. Pull one your handbag to tame random flyaways in instant.$18 (Shop Now)
  • Fighting excessive frizz in humid weather starts with the type of cleansing products you're using. When your hair lacks proper moisture, it’s far more ly to balloon at the first sight of humidity. This moisturizing shampoo for dry and brittle hair cleans and conditions your scalp with a powerful blend of six hydrating oils, including coconut oil, argan oil, and sweet almond oil.$31 (shop now)
  • Give your strands some TLC with this leave-in treatment from 2017 Best of Beauty-winning brand Virtue. Suitable for all hair types, including those that have been color-treated, this paraben-free cream locks out humidity so you experience as little frizz throughout the day as possible.$40 (Shop Now)
  • Known for some of the most effective yet affordable frizz-fighting products on the market, this classic drugstore serum from John Frieda is a powerful heat protectant and frizz repellant in one. Formulated with silk proteins and algae extract, its formula will give a glossy sheen while shielding it from outside forces.$10 (Shop Now)
  • A lightweight hair spray with a workable medium hold for those days when you want your style to last all day. Infused with Cloudberry extract, which is chock full of vitamin C & E, it protects and nourishes your precious hair while keeping frizz to a minimum.$35 (Shop Now)
  • When cooler temps settle in, you’d think you’d have to worry less about what precipitation can do to your hair. But…nah. The misty rain, torrential downpours, and of course the fog that follows in cold months can be a real drag on your hair. Perk up those curls with this liquid gel that sets your strands in place sans that crunchy, flaky residue.$7 (Shop Now)
  • Control. That’s what it’s about. We all experience a few unruly hairs, but at least they’ll be manageable thanks to Fekkai’s exclusive marine technology that protects hair from outside pollutants.$28 (Shop Now)
  • We’re stanning for all the goodness in this creamy concoction. Staving off the frizzies can sometimes drive you to become heavy-handed and pile it on thick, but with this product, you only need dabs here and there to contain your strands.$8 (Shop Now)
  • There’s nothing more annoying than your hair looking great — until to you get to the ends. Spray just a little of this on to give your tips a healthy gloss. Oh, and here's a hack: you can even use this to help smooth down your baby hairs.$7 (Shop Now)
  • Once you get over how sleek the packaging is, you can focus on the amino acids in this formula that will banish frizz from your coils, curls, and waves.$28 (Shop Now)
  • Hairstylists say frizz appears when the cuticle of the individual hair strand is raised. This anti-frizz cream packs on antioxidants and minerals that smooth the surface, ultimately creating a sleeker look.$34 (Shop Now)
  • stretches (and loosens) curls all while delivering zero frizz or fuss.$4 (Shop Now)
  • This hairstylist favorite has boar bristles, which are especially effective on overstressed hair. Lightly mist the brush with hairspray before styling, stash it in your bag, and pass it over frizzy strands throughout the day when you need a touch-up.$230 (Shop Now)
  • We first spotted this brown bottle of oil backstage at fashion shows and knew if it could work wonders on the models' fried hair, it could definitely work for us. Though many products now contain its star ingredient, argan oil, this one remains a favorite for use on overprocessed hair, which tends to be a frizz magnet.$19 (Shop Now)
  • Whether your curls are big or small, wavy, or tightly coiled, this volumizing foam fights frizz without weighing hair down.$26 (Shop Now)
  • Frizz control reaches an all-time high with this oil-in-cream that softens the hair while balancing the moisture level in the driest strands.$46 (Shop Now)
  • This moisturizing shampoo is great for thick hair because it helps weigh it down a bit (a good thing for those prone to frizz). After your shower, rub a tiny dab of the conditioner on your ends — it'll prevent any fuzz from forming as you blow-dry.$7 (Shop Now)
  • Calm frizzy, dry ends with this non-greasy shine spray that's one of the best anti-humidity products on the market. Note: A little bit goes a long way.$18 (Shop Now)


Frizzy Hair Solutions: 19 Easy Ways to Tame Frizzy Hair

Frizzy Hair: This Hair Product Is The Best Solution For Taming Frizz

Dry, frizzy hair plagues many of us, especially those of us with curly or wavy hair. Learning how to get rid of your frizzy hair can be a daily battle. Dryness and damage are the main culprits.

Using the wrong products, heat styling, over-processing, and even brushing can all result in a poofy mane of dry, frizzy hair.

So what’s the solution?

Keeping your hair healthy and hydrated with the right hair care routines and styling products can help you say goodbye to frizz forever. Here are some of our best frizzy hair solutions.

  1. Look for formulas that contain glycerin. Glycerin is a fantastic frizz-fighting ingredient that penetrates the hair fiber, hydrating from the inside out. It also creates a protective layer around the hair shaft to seal moisture in.

    Use a nourishing shampoo and conditioner formulated with glycerin to create a protective barrier that seals in hydration and locks out style-ruining moisture.

  2. Skip the shampoo and just use conditioner. Shampooing every couple of days is often enough for most people.

    If your hair is very dry, only shampoo twice a week, and just condition on the other days. On days when you don’t shower, use a smoothing dry oil to hydrate hair and refresh your style.

  3. Deep-condition to keep the hair cuticle smooth.

    Leaving a frizz-fighting conditioner on your hair for at least 3-5 minutes can help smooth the cuticle and prevent frizz. Frizz immunity contains natural coconut oil, which penetrates deep into the hair cuticle, smoothing and strengthening your strands from the inside out.

  4. Use a weekly hair mask.

    Deep-condition your hair weekly with a repairing hair mask formulated with natural avocado oil.


  1. Take a break from coloring your hair. Bleaching and dyeing are very damaging to your delicate mane. If you’re fighting frizz, take a break from coloring and try a deep-conditioning mask instead. Use a hair mask infused with vitamin E oil weekly to help revitalize damaged hair.
  2. Avoid heat tools.

    Flat irons and curling wands burn your hair’s cuticle, causing frizz. If you can’t do without them, use them on the lowest setting. Setting your hot tools below 300 degrees is best to avoid damage. Also, use a heat protecting leave-in conditioner spray to create a barrier against heat damage.

  3. Use a diffuser when blow-drying.

    If you can, air-dry your hair about 90% before using a blow dryer to avoid the amount of time your locks are exposed to damaging heat. And when you do blow dry, use a diffuser to limit direct heat.

  4. Add a nourishing serum to your style routine.Hair serum helps seal your hair’s cuticle, repelling humidity and instantly taming frizz.
  5. Style curly hair with anti-frizz products instead of heat. Define and tame curls by finger-combing them with a creme, mousse, or gel. Use a curl defining gel to smooth and control even the most stubborn of curls.
  6. Combat humidity and flyaways with a mascara wand.

    Smooth unruly frizz back into place with a clean mascara wand or toothbrush coated in a frizz fighting hairspray.

  7. Be careful when you brush.

    Never brush frizzy hair when it’s dry! Instead, detangle hair with a wide-tooth comb after showering, and use a round, natural boar bristle brush when blow-drying to help smooth the hair cuticle and carry oils from your scalp down the hair shaft to the ends.

  8. Carry a secret weapon.

    If you’re prone to frizziness, never leave home without touch up cream for frizz. Tame flyaways, split ends, and dry, unruly frizz instantly.

  9. Reset your style with a little water. It’s a temporary fix, but during a frizz emergency, patting down frizzy strands with a little bit of water will help tame the frizz and reset your style.


  1. Get regular trims. Split ends can travel all the way up the hair shaft. Eliminate breakage and stop frizz in its tracks by getting regular trims.
  2. Towel dry gently. Use a soft cotton t-shirt or a microfiber towel to squeeze excess moisture from your mane instead of a regular towel.
  3. Switch to silk or satin sheets. Rough cotton sheets can cause a lot of friction, roughing up your hair’s cuticle and leaving you with a frizzy, tangled mess in the morning. Switch to silk or satin pillowcases to reduce friction and combat frizz.
  4. Tie hair up overnight.

    Protect your hair from too much friction by securing it in a loose braid or bun for the night.

  5. Avoid touching your hair too much during the day. Bad hair habits, running your fingers through your hair all day long, can ruffle your hair's cuticle and make it appear poofy and frizzy.
  6. Protect your hair during your workout. It may sound crazy, but sweat can actually dry out your locks. The combination of salt and proteins found in sweat can be very dehydrating for hair. Before your workout, spritz on a leave in conditioner to seal in moisture and create a barrier against sweat.

Kiss the frizz goodbye! Check out more great John Frieda frizz-fighting tips here.