Question: How Do I Quit TalkTalk?

What happens when my TalkTalk contract ends?

When your contract ends you have two options.

One, let your service continue on a monthly rolling basis, although this will be at the full price for your existing package.

Two, renew your contract for a further term on the basis of the offers available via My Account, or elsewhere on the TalkTalk website..

What happens if I cancel my direct debit with TalkTalk?

You’ll see that there is a cancellation fee for unexpired fixed-term contracts which will be less than it was at the end of February. But be aware that if TalkTalk cannot collect a due payment by Direct Debit and if payment isn’t made by a due date then there’s a £12.50 admin fee added.

What do I do with my old TalkTalk box?

Environmentally it’s great to recycle. You’ll see that TalkTalk has made it easy to recycle old TalkTalk products. But you may consider taking all your unwanted household electrical items, in one go, to your nearest recycling centre instead of using the post / courier systems just for the TalkTalk products.

When can I cancel my TalkTalk contract?

Cooling off period. You can cancel your TalkTalk broadband within the first 20 days of getting it without being penalised. However, you still have to pay for the services you used in that time.

How do I find out when my contract ends with TalkTalk?

Check your TalkTalk contract statusLog in to your TalkTalk account.Select ‘My Account’.Select ‘My Package’. The end date of your contract is shown in the ‘Package overview’ section.

How long is a TalkTalk contract?

Check your contract TalkTalk broadband deals have a contract length of 12 or 18 months, and if you’re in the middle of the contract period you’ll have to pay a cancellation fee for ending it early (see below for more information on how much that could cost).

Is there a cancellation fee for leaving TalkTalk?

If you then have months left on a fixed price fixed term broadband contract you’d pay the early termination charge per month left as per this article Cancel your TalkTalk service.

Do TalkTalk automatically renew your contract?

The broadband contracts for any provider do not automatically come to an end when a fixed price term ends. The contract reverts to standard pricing on a flexible month by month payment in advance rolling contract. 30 day notice is required to bring a contract to an end.

Can I still use my YouView box without subscription?

You’ll be able to use the boxes as standard Youview boxes but you won’t have access to Bt subscription services such as sport. … You can buy BT boxes in the high street and use them without any connection to Bt.

How do I quit Talk Talk?

If you are cancelling TalkTalk without switching to a new provider, you will need to make a phone call or write a letter. To cancel by phone, ensure you have your account details to hand and call: 0345 172 0039.

Do I have to give notice to leave TalkTalk?

It’s important to bear in mind you need to give TalkTalk 30 days notice. So, once you’ve made the phone call or TalkTalk has received your letter, your broadband will end 30 days from that period.

How much does it cost to leave TalkTalk?

Fibre Medium – £10 per month for every month left on your contract, in addition to the phone and broadband early termination charges. Fibre Large – £15 per month for every month left on your contract, in addition to the phone and broadband early termination charges.

Will my youview box work if I leave TalkTalk?

Re: Will Youview+ box work after leaving TalkTalk TV? The box would work with another provider, but would only receive subscription based channels if that provider supplied youview content. All the usual freeview and on demand services such as BBC Iplayer , ITV player etc would continue to work.

Can I keep my TalkTalk email if I leave talktalk?

The Terms and Conditions do say that if you leave TalkTalk you cannot keep your email address. However, in practice, so long as you sign in to TalkTalk Webmail at least once every 180 days the email account will remain open.

Do I need to tell my broadband provider I am switching?

Do I need to contact my current broadband provider? Generally, no. In the past, you needed to get a MAC, or ‘migration authorisation code’, from your old provider and give it to your new one so they can switch you – but there’s no need for this any more.

How do I check my contract with TalkTalk?

You can check your contract status by asking your provider – over the phone or livechat – or by logging into your account online….Phone TalkTalk on 0345 172 0088, or:Log in to your TalkTalk account.Select ‘My Account’.Select ‘My Package’. The end date of your contract is shown in the ‘Package overview’ section.

How can I get out of my TalkTalk contract early?

TalkTalk customers who are no longer in their initial contract term (typically 12-18 months) can walk away without penalty. Usually it’s 30 days’ notice to leave, but if switching it usually allows you to go once it’s had the request from the new provider.

How do I leave TalkTalk for free?

If you’re out of contract: cancelling TalkTalk for free The quickest way to do this is to call TalkTalk on 0345 172 0046. Have your account details ready as you will need to verify your identity.

Is TalkTalk TV Box Free?

With TalkTalk TV, you have two packages to choose from: standard TV and TV Plus. TV: This is the basic TalkTalk TV package. You get a free YouView box with around 80 free-to-air channels, and you can pause and rewind live TV (for up to 30 minutes), and access catch-up or on-demand services (for up to seven days).