Question: What Does It Mean To Imply Something?

What is implied example?


Use implied in a sentence.


The definition of implied is something that was hinted at or suggested, but not directly stated.

When a person looks at his watch and yawns multiple times as you are talking, this is an example of a situation where boredom is implied..

What is difference between infer and imply?

Imply vs. Infer—What’s the Difference? Imply means to suggest or to say something in an indirect way. Infer means to suppose or come to a conclusion, especially based on an indirect suggestion.

How do you use imply and infer in a sentence?

Remember that imply and infer can be used to describe the same event, but that they present this event from different points of view. Take a look at the following two sentences: He implied that the General had been a traitor. I inferred from his words that the General had been a traitor.

What are you trying to prove meaning?

Definition of what are you trying to prove —used to ask why someone is behaving in a way that seems unreasonableWhat are you trying to prove by behaving so recklessly?

How do you infer something?

Choose Your Words To imply is to hint at something, but to infer is to make an educated guess. The speaker does the implying, and the listener does the inferring. Continue reading… When you infer, you listen closely to someone and guess at things they mean but haven’t actually said.

What is the best definition for the word infer?

infer, deduce, conclude, judge, gather mean to arrive at a mental conclusion. infer implies arriving at a conclusion by reasoning from evidence; if the evidence is slight, the term comes close to surmise.

What does it mean to infer something?

to derive by reasoning; conclude or judge from premises or evidence: They inferred his displeasure from his cool tone of voice. (of facts, circumstances, statements, etc.) to indicate or involve as a conclusion; lead to. to guess; speculate; surmise. to hint; imply; suggest.

What are trying to imply?

The verb imply comes from a Latin word meaning “enfold or entangle” but has come to mean “to hint at.” You might imply something that you don’t want to outright say if you’re feeling coy. If you don’t call someone back after she leaves eight messages, you imply that you don’t want to chat.

What does it mean to represent something?

verb (used with object) to serve to express, designate, stand for, or denote, as a word, symbol, or the like does; symbolize: In this painting the cat represents evil and the bird, good. to express or designate by some term, character, symbol, or the like: to represent musical sounds by notes.

What is an implied message?

Implied. Overt Messages in media are what we are directly told. … Implied Messages in media are present, but we have to infer them. Example: Cars often mean freedom to go where one wants, often the implied message in a car commercial is that buying this specific car will make you feel free.

What does it mean to represent others?

a person or thing that represents another or others. an agent or deputy: a legal representative. a person who represents a constituency or community in a legislative body, especially a member of the U.S. House of Representatives or a lower house in certain state legislatures.

What does it mean to represent a group of people?

verb. If someone such as a lawyer or a politician represents a person or group of people, they act on behalf of that person or group.

What is an example of infer?

Inference is using observation and background to reach a logical conclusion. You probably practice inference every day. For example, if you see someone eating a new food and he or she makes a face, then you infer he does not like it. Or if someone slams a door, you can infer that she is upset about something.

What is an example of imply?

Use imply in a sentence. verb. Imply is defined as to suggest or express something indirectly or to involve something naturally. An example of imply is a man asking a woman out for coffee with friends. An example of imply is to hint to someone that their attitude is the reason for a specific problem.

What is the difference between insinuate and imply?

When used as verbs, imply means to have as a necessary consequence, whereas insinuate means to hint.

How do you use imply?

Imply sentence examplesI didn’t mean to imply that there was anything wrong with the way you dress. … He took a bite out of his sandwich in such a way as to imply the subject was closed. … They imply a lively sense of radical human need. … When a person has a bad day, that does not imply that they are always sad.More items…

What are two words for represented?

What is another word for represented?depictedcharacterisedUKpictureddelineateddrawnillustratedinterpretedmirroredpersonifiedportrayed31 more rows