Quick Answer: How Can I Boost My PLDT Home WiFi Signal?

Why is my home WiFi so slow?

There are many reasons your Internet connection might appear slow.

It could be a problem with your modem or router, Wi-Fi signal, signal strength on your cable line, devices on your network saturating your bandwidth, or even a slow DNS server..

How do I change my 192.168 1.1 password?

To change your router’s password:Enter your router’s IP address into your favorite web browser.Log in with the default username and password (both admin, usually).Go to settings.Select Change Router Password or a similar option.Enter the new password.Save the new settings.

How do I boost WiFi signal in house?

Jump to…Select a Good Place for Your Router.Keep Your Router Updated.Get a Stronger Antenna.Cut Off WiFi Leeches.Buy a WiFi Repeater/ Booster/ Extender.Switch to a Different WiFi Channel.Control Bandwidth-Hungry Applications and Clients.Use the Latest WiFi Technologies.More items…

How can I check my PLDT home WiFi?

You can also easily track your data balance by just going to the Prepaid Home Wifi dashboard through these easy steps: (1) connect to PLDT Home Prepaid Wifi; (2) visit pldthome.com/homewifiload; and (3) Click view balance.

How fast is PLDT home WiFi?

17.25 MbpsIn terms of speeds that customers can expect, PLDT Home points out that Smart delivers average download speeds of 17.25 Mbps, and average upload speeds of 7.65 Mbps, according to a recent Ookla speed test.

How fast is PLDT Home prepaid WiFi?

It is powered by the country’s fastest LTE network. No less than Ookla, the global leader in internet testing and analysis, said Smart delivers the country’s fastest LTE connection with average download speeds of 17.25 Mbps, and average upload speeds of 7.65 Mbps, based on over 2 million user-generated tests.

How much is PLDT Home prepaid WiFi?

The PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi is now available at all PLDT Stores and retailers nationwide and comes with FREE 10GB, valid for 7 days, for a one-time payment of only Php1,995.

Why is WiFi so bad in my area?

The common culprits behind a lagging WiFi connection include too many devices connecting to one channel, users doing bandwidth-heavy activities, the way your router is positioned, and outdated hardware and drivers. Here’s how these factors impact your WiFi speed, and what you can do to get a faster connection.

Is PLDT Plan 1299 Unlimited?

For an affordable monthly fee, you can enjoy unlimited internet with PLDT Home DSL Famplan 1299. Whether you’re looking to browse through websites, check emails, or engage with friends via social media, this plan will accommodate the basic online needs of your whole family.

How can I increase my PLDT Home prepaid WiFi signal?

Five ways to make the most out of your PLDT Home Prepaid WiFiPlace it strategically. Place the PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi near a window to get the best signal. … Use it indoors. … Set a secure password. … Set a budget for top-ups. … Take advantage of Home Boost 15 add-on.

How can I stabilize my WiFi signal?

How to Stabilize a WiFi ConnectionRemove possible sources of wireless interference. … Position your router and computer to reduce physical obstructions. … Upgrade your wireless adapter card’s drivers. … Use a wireless repeater to extend your router’s range. … Set a new wireless channel.

How can I access PLDT home WiFi?

To access, connect to your Home WiFi network, open a browser and type in pldthome.com/homewifiload.