Quick Answer: Who Found The Real Book In The Fun They Had?

Was Tommy sure about his own statement?

Answer: yes, Tommy was sure about his own statement.

Tommy thought that the words on the printed book are waste.

once a book is read it becomes useless and must be thrown away because it has a same content..

Who is Margie in the fun they had?

Margie is the 11-year-old protagonist of the story and a friend of Tommy’s. The third-person-limited point of view is filtered through her childlike innocence and curiosity. Margie is a curious girl who is constantly asking questions and wanting to be around other people.

Who found the real book in the story the fun they had?

Tommy found a real book in the attic of his house. The book was at least two hundred years old so pages had turned yellow and crinkly.

How was the book that Tommy found different from his own books?

Tommy found It different because It had printed pages on it whereas Tommy’s own book is computer screen.. The book Tommy found belonged to Margie s great grandfather. It was a book made of paper and were yellow and crinkly. The words on the book stood still instead of moving the way they were supposed to on a screen.

What is the moral of the story the fun they had?

The moral is that however smart a mechanical(or robotic)teacher is,but there is no other thing that could teach us as good as a human teacher.

What did Margie not know why?

Answer: Margie did not want to dispute the fact that a man knew as much as a teacher. because This is from the way she tells Tommy this. She was also not ready to accept the fact that a man could be a teacher.

Why did Margie hate the slot most?

Margie hated it most as she didn’t wanted to do her homework. Slot is the part of the mechanical teacher was hated by Margie because in slot Margie and other students was to put their homework and test assignment for marking. She hated it the most because she had to work hard to write in punch code.

Are Margie and Tommy siblings?

In the short story ‘The Fun They Had’ by Isaac Asimov, Tommy is not Margie’s brother but her thirteen-year-old friend. He is older and smarter than Margie and has seen many more telebooks as compared to her. The following story clues show that Tommy and Margie are not siblings : 1.

Who is the author of the chapter the fun they had?

Isaac Asimov”The Fun They Had” is a science fiction story by American writer Isaac Asimov.

When was the fun they had written?

December 1, 1951The Fun They Had/Originally published

Why did Tommy call the real book a waste?

Tommy called the printed book a waste because the text written in that book did not move, instead they stood still and never changed and the pages were also crinkly.

What is telebook?

A book made available in text on a television screen. They turned the pages, which were yellow and crinkly… and then, when they turned back to the page before, it had the same words on it… “Gee,” said Tommy. “What a waste.

What is the theme of the fun they had?

Gratitude and Wanting. The central arc of “The Fun They Had” focuses on Margie learning about the schools and education of the past, leading to her wishing for a school in which she could learn and have fun with other children.

What was strange about the old book the fun they had?

Margie found it strange that the book had yellow and wrinkled pages. Words in the book were still and did not move the way they were supposed to on a screen. A book that can be displayed on a screen is called a telebook.

Why did Tommy scream with laughter?

Tommy screamed with laughter because Margie thought that in the past the teacher went to the house of the student to teach.

How did Tommy walk away to school?

Answer: Tommy had a mechanical teacher which taught him on all days in a week ok except Sunday and Saturday. When Tommy’s mechanical teacher started malfunctioning, it was being prepared by the county inspector. It took one full month to repair it. This is how Tommy walked away from school.