What Is A Trap God?

What’s the opposite of a trap?

A reverse trap, also known as a Bifauxnen (a portmanteau of Bishōnen and faux, meaning false in French), is simply a girl who resembles a boy..

Over time, trap music has progressively moved away from ghettos, and has become increasingly popular. This is due to the growing fame of rappers such as T.I., Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Young Thug and Migos, but also because already established singers have begun to play trap songs.

What is a trap king?

The male counterpart to a trap queen is a trap king. A trap queen can also refer to a woman who is very knowledgeable about or skilled in trap music, which genre, as noted, takes its name from its association with drug-dealing traps.

What is a trap baby?

Twin reversed arterial perfusion sequence overview This is called the “TRAP fetus,” or sometimes referred to as the “acardiac fetus” because it either has a very underdeveloped heart or no heart at all. It could not grow or survive without the blood supply from the normal twin and it will not survive after birth.

What is a life trap?

“A life trap is a pattern that starts in childhood and reverberates throughout life. It began with something that was DONE to us by our families or other children. We were abandoned, criticized, overprotected, abused, excluded or deprived – we were damaged in some way. Eventually the life trap becomes part of us.

Why is trap so bad?

Rap music allows for eloquence, mind-bending lyricism, and vivid storytelling among the best artists. But many trap songs feel like brand idolatry, hedonistic non-sequiturs, and random, excessive cursing. While many of the songs are by skillful rappers, the songs lack content. They aren’t really about anything.

What does trap stand for?

Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel (USMC) TRAP. Thrombin Receptor-Activating Peptide (used in research to initiate platelet activation and blood coagulation) TRAP. Task Force for Regional Auto Theft Prevention.

What is the female version of a trap?

Reverse traps are females crossdressing as males crossdressing as females. (A female intending to like like a (biologically male) “trap”).

What’s a trap house in slang?

trap house (plural trap houses) (slang) A place where illegal drugs are manufactured, packaged for sale, or sold on the street. (sports, trap shooting) A small building from which targets are launched.

What is the full form of trap?

Tartrate Resistant Acid Phosphatase. Academic & Science » Chemistry. Rate it: TRAP.

What is a trap girl mean?

Independent female who can do it on her own. A Trap Girl loves the hood and she isn’t afraid to show a ghetto side. Good fighter and capable of sass, class & trash. She may seem stuck up or shy but she’s really just focused on her next move.

Why do they call a trap house a trap house?

Why do they call it a trap house? Such homes are called trap house because the dealer of the illicit drugs traps people into such businesses where once you are into such activities, you may find it difficult to come out of it.

What is the meaning of Trapped in English?

(træpt ) 1. adjective [usually verb-link ADJECTIVE] If you feel trapped, you are in an unpleasant situation in which you lack freedom, and you feel you cannot escape from it.

What is a thirst trap?

A thirst trap is type of social media post that is intended to entice viewers sexually. It refers to a user’s “thirst”, a colloquialism that likens sexual frustration to dehydration, implying desperation.

What does it mean when someone says your a trap?

Taken from Star Wars, It’s a trap! is a humorous phrase meant to warn someone of deception.

What does it mean when a girl traps a guy?

Slang. a woman who is purported to be dangerously seductive or who schemes in her amours; femme fatale.

Are traps straight?

TRAPS ARE NOT STRAIGHT. It’s because of one thing. It looks like a girl,but actually a boy. The thing that makes traps not straight is we know it’s a boy.