Wellness Activities to Do in NYC

  1. 3-Day Weekend: The Best Wellness And Fitness Spots In NYC
  2. Day One: The High Line and Chelsea
  3. Day Two: Cycling in Central Park
  4. Day Three: Shopping in Soho
  5. 8 Wellness Things To Do In New York City
  6. Introducing The Well, a 13,000-Square-Foot Wellness Mecca in Union Square
  10. Discover your happy place with an NYC wellness weekend
  11. Chocolate mood
  12. Seeds of change
  13. Hustle & glow
  14. Meta-meditation
  15. The family circle
  16. Scent-sations
  17. Salthaus Modern Salt Rooms NYC — Blog — Making Wellness Worth Your Time: 5 Ways to Make Wellness More Fun!
  18. Jumpstart Your Wellness Routine With One Of These Restorative NYC Spa & Fitness Activities
  19. 1. The Royal Treatment at Spa Castle
  20. 2. Spirit Yoga at Moxy Times Square
  21. 3. A Rejuvenating CBD Facial at Marianella Soap Bar
  22. 4. Targeted Massages or Hydrotherapy Pools at Premier 57
  23. 5. Bike the Brooklyn Bridge
  24. 6. Halotherapy at Montauk Salt Cave
  25. 7. Float in a Therapy Pool at Floating Lotus
  26. 8. Row to Your Core at Current
  27. 9. Infrared Sweat Session at Shape House
  28. 10. Light Therapy Mini Facial at Floating Lotus
  29. 11. Acupuncture at City Acupuncture 
  30. 12. 60-Minute Micro-Polish Facial
  31. 13. Dry Floatation Therapy at Floating Lotus
  32. 14. Whole Body Cryotherapy Treatment
  33. For even more calming spa services and energetic wellness activities to treat yourself to, click here!
  34. Model Angela Lindvall’s Guide to the Best Hidden Wellness Spots in New York City
  35. Corporate Wellness and Well-Being Programsby FRESH Med in New York City
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  37. Health and Wellness Weeks:
  38. Office Health Coaching:
  39. Office Meditation:
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3-Day Weekend: The Best Wellness And Fitness Spots In NYC

Wellness Activities to Do in NYC

New York City isn’t typically considered to be a particularly healthy city for tourists to visit – most people look west to LA for that.

However, in the two years I’ve spent calling NYC home, I’ve learned that Manhattan’s actually a hotspot for positive mind and body experiences.

It’s why NYC is actually a perfect three-day stop for the wellness-minded, and a place to try out buzzy new fitness trends and healthy restaurants, while also exploring the city by foot.

Read on for a 72-hour itinerary of the best things to do in NYC over a long weekend (you won’t find any Empire State Building tours here)!

Day One: The High Line and Chelsea

Take the subway to 14th Street and walk west towards 10th avenue to start close to the beginning of the High Line. The 1.

45-mile-long New York City linear park is build along an old railroad line and offers incredible views of Manhattan and the Hudson River – particularly if you go around sunset – plus Insta-worthy art murals, and cute vendors selling coffee and snacks.

It starts on Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District and runs all the way up to West 34th Street, between 10th and 12th Avenues.

Before you begin, take the time to stop into Chelsea Market for a bite to eat. It’s home to one of the most incredible, premium indoor food halls of the world, and has over 35 vendors offering everything from soup to nuts, wine, coffee, cheese, and cheesecake! This space attracts more than six million people each year, so prepare for it to be busy, particularly if you visit on the weekend.

In the evening, head to East Village and grab a healthy dinner at Souen. The organic, macribiotic restuarant has an incredible menu, but the macro plate and the ramen dishes are unmissable.

Day Two: Cycling in Central Park

Take a train up to Columbus Circle and then walk to the Whole Foods just next to the station. Here, you can grab a healthy and affordable picnic lunch from the food bar to eat in the park!

Next, walk along the street to hire a City Bike for $12 straight from the bike stand, and enjoy a long, leisurely ride around the park. This is beautiful most times of the year, but Fall is particularly stunning with all of the changing leaves. Just be mindful of pedestrians – they’re everywhere!

Image via @talinegabriel

At night, take a train down to West 4th Street and refocus your mind with a meditation class at MNDFL studio on East 8th Street. Be sure to book in advance, as the evening sessions can fill up quickly.

Then, refuel after your long walk with dinner at Greenwich Village healthy hotspot, By Chloe.

Located on MacDougal Street and Bleecker Street, it’s just a short walk from the meditation class, and offers an affordable, delicious vegan menu that the neighborhood’s college students (it’s right next to NYU) and other locals flip for. Order the guac burger and sweet potato fries, and thank us later!

Day Three: Shopping in Soho

Begin your morning by torching some calories at the supermodel-approved fitness studio, ModelFit on Bowery. Again, you’ll need to reserve a spot in advance to secure a place in their popular morning classes. Afterwards you can shower and change in the beautiful light-filled studio, and head off to breakfast.

Try Butcher’s Daughter, which is just down the road at 19 Kenmare Street, for a healthy breakfast – the coconut yogurt bowl is an easy favorite. Or, you can venture a little bit further for fresh Australian cafe, Coco & Cru, where the green bowl is the best way to begin your day.

Then, spend the rest of the day on foot in Soho, exploring both the boutique shops and huge stores on Broadway (there’s Zara, H&M, Topshop, and more all right near each other). Keep your credit card at the ready!

For a cheap and casual dinner (by now you’re probably too exhausted for much else), make your way to Hu Kitchen on Fifth Avenue and 14th Street.

 The uber-healthy cafeteria-style destination is entirely gluten-free, and both diary/grain-free unless noted.

You’ll find smoothies, organic soups, vegan iterations on lasagna, roasted veggies, and more healthy dinner options on the menu.

Source: https://sporteluxe.com/healthy-travel-tips-new-york-city/

8 Wellness Things To Do In New York City

Wellness Activities to Do in NYC

When you think of New York City, you probably picture the flashing lights of Times Square, the non-stop activity of the Wall Street trading floor and diners that are open 24/7.

Credit: Thinkstock – spyarm

Having been a resident of this fine city for over 15 years, I‘ll let you in on a little secret, no one can keep up this pace without taking advantage of all the healthy and wellness opportunities that allow you to recover in your downtime.

Here are Eight Wellness Things to Do in NYC that will make you feel a local:

1. View the City from an elevated perch: Iconic landmarks make up the famous New York skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the best places to take in that view.

Day or night, you’ll find the pedestrian walkway teeming with bikers, boot camp classes, or people just out for an evening stroll along this 1-mile stretch over the East River.

If you’d rather get more of an insiders view of the city, (yes you can see into The Standard Hotel rooms), try the High Line. Two sections of this currently mile long above ground park are open so you can stop and smell the flowers.

2. Bike Governor’s Island (May – September): This 172-acre island was once home to the US Coast Guard.

In 2003, the US government sold the island to the city of New York for $1 and since then NYC has committed to offering free events in the summer months.

Take your bike or rent one on the island and ride past the former Coast Guard forts, see the various sculpture exhibits on display or amp up the activity and take a trapeze lesson.

3. Shop the farmers market: You’ll find farmers markets year round in NYC. The most famous one is the Greenmarket, which takes place 4 times a week in Union Square.

But the cool kids have discovered the newest addition, New Amsterdam Market, which takes place in the old Fulton Fish Market in the South Street Seaport. Every Sunday you can find regional, seasonal ingredients sold from Apiaries to Z Food Farms zucchini.

Famous restaurants such as Morris Grilled Cheese and Mas (la grillade) have been known to test their new products here too.

4. Take a Fitness Class: With a yoga studio on every corner, you won’t have a problem finding a class to walk into, but if you’re looking for something the ordinary, you’ve come to the creative capital of the world.

Try an Aerial Fabric class at MMAC, they’ll have you feeling a cast member of Cirque du Soleil in no time.

Or, if dancing is more your speed, head over to Broadway Bodies where actual Broadway dancers teach you the steps that everyone from Beyonce to Michael Jackson have preformed on stage.

5. Dine Organic: New York City is a foodie’s paradise and eating organic doesn’t mean you have to compromise taste.

If you’re looking for a sit down dinner at a chic neighborhood spot, don’t miss Sanctuary T in Soho. The food is complimented by the extensive tea and cocktail list.

Need a small bite to pack for a picnic lunch? Hit up one of Organic Avenue’s four locations and choose from a variety of organic, vegan goodies.

6. Ice Skate at Rockefeller Center (Oct – April): You’ve seen the tree lighting ceremony on TV, now that you’re in town, head to Rockefeller Center and experience this time honored winter tradition. Skate rental and private lessons are available if you don’t want to take a spin on your own.

7. Cook at the Natural Gourmet Institute: Evening and weekend classes are offered in everything from Basic Knife skills to the Art of Homemade Tofu at this NY Institute. Founded 1977, the center’s known for it’s founding principle that what we eat significantly affects our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. This is one stop shopping for a balanced body!

8. Treat yourself to a spa day: Manhattan might be an island, but I wouldn’t recommend going for a swim in the surroundings waters. Instead, take advantage of the indoor water features NYC has to offer. The water lounge at the Great Jones Spa is nothing else the city has to offer.

Centered around a three-story waterfall, the thermal hot tub, cold plunge pool, rock sauna and chakra steam room are worth the $50/day splurge.

If you’re looking for something less glamorous, but just as fun, try the Russian and Turkish Baths in the East Village, they’ve been around for over 100 years and offer co-ed hours.

Linden Schaffer makes NYC her home when she’s not traveling the world spreading a message of health and wellness. As founder of Pravassa, a wellness travel company, Linden creates getaways to exotic locals which gives clients the opportunity to expand their minds and open themselves to new experiences through yoga, fitness, food, massage and culture. Connect with her on , and Google Plus.

Source: https://www.traveltowellness.com/spas-wellness-travel-newyork/

Introducing The Well, a 13,000-Square-Foot Wellness Mecca in Union Square

Wellness Activities to Do in NYC

Wellness has overtaken every part of our lives. Retail stores are wellness (evidence: Free People and Anthropologie). HIIT in the park is wellness. Mid-day yoga at work is wellness. Mid-day reiki is peak wellness. Organic fruit. CBD lattes. Turmeric everything. Mylk with a “y”. It’s all part of “living your best life”.

Wellness, by today’s definition, is about putting yourself (and your health) on the top of the list. We can even acknowledge that some of these things are worth the price tag.

But when you’re at Whole Foods eyeing the price of Manuka honey (or hey, even avocados), shelling out $35 for one of NYC’s top cycling classes, or indulging in an $11 acai bowl (with hemp protein powder and cacao nibs), it’s easy to turn this question in your mind: how much is too much to spend in the name of wellness?


Whether or not the wellness industry’s bubble will or will not pop is yet to be determined, but it’s a multi-billion dollar industry, so let’s face it: Americans are pouring their disposable income into wellness.

According to supplement company Myprotein, who surveyed 1,350 Americans—granted, a tiny sample size for ascertaining conclusive data—the company found that the average person between the ages of 18 and 65 spends $155 a month (or about $5.50 a day) on their health and fitness regimen.

Interestingly, amidst arguably-bougie offerings Nap York, ReCOVER NYC, NEO U, and a slew of drool-worthy juice shops, the survey says, “New Yorkers are quite traditional when it comes to keeping fit”.

In fact, despite all the boutique offerings in New York City, the survey found that 96% of those surveyed in the state had an old-school gym membership (think New York Sports Club) and spent the most per month on food plans ( Blue Apron or Kettlebell Kitchen).

But we must look at this in a spectrum. On one end, there’s your bridge-running, free-workouts-in-the-park-loving friend. And on the other, there’s your infrared-sauna-obsessed, collagen-blending, adaptogen-gobbling, high-intensity-interval training, CrossFitting coworker.

It’s the New Yorker on the latter end of the spectrum who’s the target consumer of NYC’s latest “wellness concept”: The Well.


A convergence of wellness, physical fitness, and healthcare, The Well‘s 13,000-square-foot, two-floor space in the Union Square area acts as “your complete ecosystem for wellness.” The company’s aim is to be the place for anyone from the overworked entrepreneur and the stressed-out employee to the woo-woo wellness enthusiast to unwind, recharge, and reinvest in themselves.

How? Holistically. “It’s time to look at the whole picture. Innovation and tradition, body, mind and spirit—working together,” says the website. Here, East meets West.

Over 30 healers, doctors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, reflexologists, and sports medicine pros will be working together in order to help you meet your wellness needs.

(FYI: all on staff will have access to your medical records).

This isn’t the first of its kind. In fact, in NYC, there’s already HealHaus (a Brooklyn-based temple/yoga studio/juice bar/ Eastern medicine mecca) and Assemblage (which pairs co-working spaces with mindfulness exercises/Ayurvedic-inspired eats). But with its on-staff doctors, The Well aims to appeal to both woo-woo and the data-driven New Yorkers (not just the former).


The Well calls itself a club and spa, which hints at the all-encompassing, social aspect it implements. The catch? A monthly fee of $375.

Included in the fee, members get monthly, one-on-one meetings with a “dedicated health concierge”, unlimited yoga and meditation classes, access to their fitness classes, and full use of the communal spaces, which include a dry sauna, steam room, coed “relaxation areas”, and a private training studio. There is also an open-for-public, full-service restaurant and cafe where you can score a whole lot of adaptogenic foods and educational classes about healing. Plus, you can also purchase a la carte massages, reiki, and reflexology sessions.

Clearly, with a monthly fee that’s more than double the average monthly wellness budget, The Well isn’t just for the wellness-obsessed. It’s for the wellness-obsessed with deep pockets. If that’s you, check out their website or IG for more info on their fall 2019 opening.

Source: https://fitt.co/new-york-city/articles/the-well-nyc

Discover your happy place with an NYC wellness weekend

Wellness Activities to Do in NYC

New year, new woo. From the esoteric to the energetic, there are plenty of ways to find wellness and inner peace. Find your happy place at any of these events.

Chocolate mood

The Assemblage, Manhattan’s members-only, holistic co-working community, opens its doors to nonmembers for January only. Among the offerings is a cacao ceremony, which promises to awaken the mind and body through inhaling a special blend of fragrant chocolate and spices. Free at John Street and NoMad locations. Register at Events.TheAssemblage.com

Seeds of change

Auriculotherapy (ear seed therapy) is offered at Brooklyn’s HealHaus.

Melodee Solomon

HealHaus brings doctor of Chinese medicine Aimée Derbes to its Brooklyn studio to teach the basics of auriculotherapy — ear seed therapy — in which what looks stick-on earrings are said to treat ailments such as anxiety, depression, pain and digestive issues. $10 donation suggested; Saturday at 11 a.m. 1082 Fulton St., Clinton Hill; HealHaus.com

Hustle & glow

Penguin Random House

The Flatiron’s Hub Seventeen offers exercise, dance, music and literary classics, all under one roof, with Penguin Random House’s library pop-up at Hub.

Cozy up to a good book after, say, sweatin’ to the tunes at a MVMT Theory class, which combines yoga, pilates, meditation and hip-hop music. $20 for MVMT Theory, Saturday at 1 p.m. Pop-up open through spring.

114 Fifth Ave.; HubSeventeenNYC.com


Religious philosophy scholar and Kundalini yogi Aaron Teich will discuss how spiritual principles and practices can help you stay zen in a fast-paced, technological world. The talk will be followed by a period of deep meditation. $35, Monday at 7 p.m. 10 E. Eighth St.; MndflMeditation.com

The family circle

Courtesy of Kristen Sonntag

Reiki practitioner and musician Kristen Sonntag hosts a family sound circle at the Grand Street Healing Project studio in Williamsburg.

A sound circle is a meditation using sounds from traditional instruments such as chimes, “singing” bowls and gongs. Children welcome — to whisper, draw, read and quietly move about as they please. $15 per family, Sunday at 3 p.m.

105 Grand St., Williamsburg; GrandStreetHealingProject.com


Holistic health shop Naturopathica offers Aromatherapy 101, where aromatherapist Tamalyn Miller will share the basics, highlighting the best oils for all of life’s stressors. Students will go home with their own custom blend of essential oils. $25, Thursday at 6:30 p.m. 127 W. 26th St.; Naturopathica.com

“,”author”:”Hannah Sparks”,”date_published”:”2019-01-11T23:22:07.000Z”,”lead_image_url”:”https://thenypost.files.wordpress.com/2019/01/wellness-illustration-1a.jpg?quality=90&strip=all&w=1200″,”dek”:null,”next_page_url”:null,”url”:”https://nypost.com/2019/01/11/discover-your-happy-place-with-an-nyc-wellness-weekend/”,”domain”:”nypost.com”,”excerpt”:”New year, new woo. From the esoteric to the energetic, there are plenty of ways to find wellness and inner peace. Find your happy place at any of these events. Chocolate mood The Assemblage, Manhat…”,”word_count”:387,”direction”:”ltr”,”total_pages”:1,”rendered_pages”:1}

Source: https://nypost.com/2019/01/11/discover-your-happy-place-with-an-nyc-wellness-weekend/

Salthaus Modern Salt Rooms NYC — Blog — Making Wellness Worth Your Time: 5 Ways to Make Wellness More Fun!

Wellness Activities to Do in NYC

Wellness should be accessible, efficient, and beneficial but you also add joy to your life when choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. We’ve found that people all over the world are searching for something that will make them feel better, but it’s hard to get started if it’s not something you enjoy.

Making the right choices for your health and well-being is necessary, and although we want to choose to be better about making those choices—in due course, we may fall back into familiar ways.

Maybe today you don’t want to run on the elliptical for the 10th time this month, or you just don’t have enough time in the day to get it all done.

As the founder of a wellness startup, this is something I’ve heard from my clients frequently, and something I've felt personally. Everyone wants to be efficient, especially in New York City. 

So, try out a few of these tricks, and see if you can add some excitement to your wellness practice!

  1. Make it Efficient: Efficient wellness is a practice from which you can receive multiple social, emotional, mental, and physical benefits. So, for example, meet your friend for a power walk in Central Park.

    Appreciate the activity, the time together, and exposure to nature all at once! Wellness is more than one workout at the gym.

    It’s a “holistic integration of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, fueling the body, engaging the mind, and nurturing the spirit” that “allows you to become the best kind of person that your potentials, circumstances, and fate” makes possible.

  2. Be Social: This builds off number one.

    Your social health is incredibly important: relationships with others can increase your physical and mental health, and create a foundation for wellness that will last the rest of your life.

    Make your time for wellness a time for friends too! However, if you’re someone who s to use your activity time as a chance to get away from at all, that is also fine!

  3. Try Something New: Adding novelty to your routine can turn an obligation into a new experience.

    And you can integrate this step with numbers one and two! Ask what your friends enjoy, talk to your family about what they may be interested in trying, and do something new all together! Whether it’s trying a new route on your walk with a friend or cooking a new healthy recipe with your kids, switching up your go-to practice can give your motivation a boost.

  4. Take a Class: You’ll notice a theme here. Taking a class can be efficient, social, and something new! The instructors of these classes are professionals: it is their job to make sure you have a great experience as they guide you through a class.

  5. Put Yourself First: Your wellness is about YOU. Don’t be ashamed about putting your health in front of drinking with friends, the pizza party at work, or any other activity you aren’t overly excited about.

    If it’s not something you enjoy, and if it takes time and money away from choosing something healthy that will make you feel better, don’t do it! Put yourself, and your health first. This is also one of the exact reasons I founded Salthaus.

    I wanted to give people the ability to take charge of their health, without having to give up those other things. You can still hang out with friends and family—just do it in a way that promotes your goals and makes you feel better.

Most people want to improve their wellness in some aspect. Unfortunately, with so many things to fit in to a day, taking the time for self-care is not always a priority. However, if you can find a way to make self-care more exciting, efficient, or social, it becomes easier to fit into your weekly routine, and that makes all the difference in the world.

Source: https://www.salthausny.com/new-blog/2019/10/17/five-ways-to-make-health-fun

Jumpstart Your Wellness Routine With One Of These Restorative NYC Spa & Fitness Activities

Wellness Activities to Do in NYC

It’s blustery and cold out, you’re recovering from holiday indulgences, and trying to start new practices that will make this year your best one yet. Nothing sounds quite as good as laying low and cozying up with a relaxing spa treatment, which you definitely deserve! But it’s also a perfect time to get some little extra movement in and make your body feel great.

Here are 10 choices in NYC that are ideal for practicing self-care and escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. And don’t worry, the activities that involve exercise prioritize fun over burning calories, so you can ease into your new year resolutions!

1. The Royal Treatment at Spa Castle

Instagram / @spacastlenewyork

Spa Castle takes the best elements from Asian and European spa culture to create a magically relaxing and rejuvenating experience right here in NYC.

There are five outdoor spa pools on the rooftop deck, multiple baths, saunas, indoor pools, jade and Himalayan salt rooms, and even a “color therapy” room. You can also swim up to the aqua bar and enjoy smoothies, cocktails, and wines.

Book yourself a full-day experience for access to all of the amenities, and consider adding a much-needed massage.

Where: 131-10 11th Ave, Queens

Buy: Purchase a day pass or add a massage here.

2. Spirit Yoga at Moxy Times Square

Drunk Yoga /

If yoga has intimidated you before, or just seemed a little too calm for your high-strung New Yorker self, this class from Eli Walker Yoga is completely different.

Imagine yoga that will stretch your body out while grooving along to music that will put you in the best mood (Beyonce, all your favorite ’90s hits…you get the idea).

It’s on an indoor rooftop with killer NYC views and is for all levels, offering an easy way to get involved even if you’re a Namaste newbie.

Where: 485 7th Ave

Buy: Try yoga with a skyline view here! 

3. A Rejuvenating CBD Facial at Marianella Soap Bar

Marianella Soap Bar

CBD will not only help you de-stress, but it will also help de-puff your face! The CBD facial at Marianella Soap Bar starts by cleansing your skin with a hydrating rose face wash cream, then moving along to steaming, some gentle extractions, and a nourishing Marianella face mask and face lift massage. Then you’ll savor the main event: a CBD midnight youth potion face serum which will calm and de-puff your skin. Marianella’s products use no harsh chemicals and no animal testing.

Where: Marianella Soap Bar, 102 Thompson St.

Buy: Get it at an exclusive discounted price here.

4. Targeted Massages or Hydrotherapy Pools at Premier 57

Instagram / @premier57spa

Premier57 is a luxury sauna bathhouse right in the heart of Midtown.

With this special you can enjoy a 30-minute targeted massage to loosen up any tightness or soreness in the specific areas bothering you.

Then, you can enjoy everything else the spa has to offer, including hot tubs, aquatherapy, healing zones and the special themed saunas ( Gold, Loess Soil, Himalayan Salt, and Ice Igloo!). 

Or, if you want to skip the massage and instead just soak in calming, warm waters, try the regular spa day package. You can unwind in a traditional Japanese bath before heading to a German hydrotherapy pool, and then hit up those unique saunas. And, don’t forget the rooftop pool that has a gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline.

Where: Premier 57, 115 E 57th St.

Buy: Targeted Massage Package Here or Spa Day Package Here

5. Bike the Brooklyn Bridge

Unlimited Biking NY

Before you reward yourself with a nice, relaxing dip to loosen sore muscles, how about doing a scenic bike ride across the Brooklyn Bridge? Peddle around Lower Manhattan and take in the historical views of iconic bridges and gorgeous architecture. There are loads of bike options  hybrids, tandems, a variety of kids’ bikes, baby seats, and children’s trailers—so you can jump on with your family and friends, or just cruise by yourself!

Where: 38 Park Row

Buy: Purchase tickets to hop on a ride here.

6. Halotherapy at Montauk Salt Cave

Montauk Salt Cave

Did you know salt can have a lot of health benefits – not eating it, but sitting in it? At the Montauk Salt Cave, you can breathe in negatively-charged, ionized salt particles in a calming, dimly lit cave. This salt has 84 trace elements and minerals that can help with health issues asthma, allergies and even the common cold (perfect for this time of year!).

Where: Montauk Salt Cave, 90 East 10th St.

Buy: Purchase sessions here.

7. Float in a Therapy Pool at Floating Lotus

/ Floating Lotus NYC

This is a zero-gravity spa treatment. You’ll float away your worries in a warm pool filled with hundreds of pounds of Epsom salt in total silence for 60 uninterrupted minutes. Float therapy is said to improve the rate of recovery after physical exercise and rejuvenate the mind. Perhaps a great pick for after yoga class?

Where: Floating Lotus, 39 West 56th St

Buy: Float your way to relaxation by purchasing a session here.

8. Row to Your Core at Current

Current Rowing

You’ll leave this 30 minute high-intensity cardio rowing session on an endorphin high! Custom rowing machines are adjusted to strengthen your core and improve posture, all while a killer playlist keeps you motivated and a darkened, candlelit room keeps you focused.

Where: Current, 333 Church St

Buy: Get a voucher with your choice of class dates here.

9. Infrared Sweat Session at Shape House

Instagram / @shapehouse

Sweat out toxins (and warm up!) at an infrared session, which can help with weight loss, detoxifying, and improving skin tone.

You’ll be wrapped up in an infrared blanket and then get to lay in a bed, with an attendant bringing you Kangen alkaline water so you don’t get dehydrated.

There’s also a flat screen TV loaded with Netflix, Hulu and more so you can catch up on your favorite show while you sweat out all those toxins.

Where: Shape House Flatiron, 34 W 17th Street

Buy: Purchase a sweat session here.

10. Light Therapy Mini Facial at Floating Lotus

Floating Lotus

Sometimes facials can end up being a bit painful, but with this special LED light technology you won’t feel a thing. All you’ll get is an instant glow, as the procedure stimulates collagen and shrinks pores.

Where: Floating Lotus, 39 West 56th St.

Buy: Glow up your skin here.

11. Acupuncture at City Acupuncture 

City Acupuncture

Now’s your chance to try out acupuncture! This branch of traditional Chinese medicine began almost 3,000 years ago, which really speaks to its credibility.

If you don’t know the drill, different tiny, thin needles are placed at specific acupuncture points all over your body.

You’ll feel instantly more relaxed and it is even said to help with issues migraines and muscle pain.

Where: City Acupuncture East Village, 52 East 7th St.

Buy: Purchase sessions here.

12. 60-Minute Micro-Polish Facial

 Slim Up

This is the perfect option if your face is incredibly dried out by the harsh winter winds of the city! Microdermabrasion will first get rid of dead skin and increase collagen production, and then a glycolic peel will brighten your skin tone and even out overall texture. A mask rich with moisturizer and SPF will finish you off for a hydrated, bright healthy skin.

Where: Slim Up, 265 West 37th St., Suite 504

Buy: Revitalize your face here.

13. Dry Floatation Therapy at Floating Lotus

 Floating Lotus

If you’ve ever wanted to try a sensory deprivation experience but didn’t the idea of floating in water for a long time, you can actually get the same experience not in a pool.

Floating Lotus was one of the first spas in the country to offer both wet and dry flotation therapy. For the dry version, you lay on a “waterbed” of sorts and completely disconnect from the world for a calming break in your busy day.

Some benefits include: reductions in chronic pain, anxiety, swelling, headaches, and improved blood circulation.

Where: Floating Lotus, 39 West 56th St.

Buy: Get your ticket to float away here. 

14. Whole Body Cryotherapy Treatment


Get a natural high by standing in a whole body chamber pumped with cryogenically cooled air.

This means the temperature will drop between negative 230 to 250 degrees fahrenheit, and your body will react by pumping blood to your heart and other vital organs.

Once the temperature is normal and the blood circulates fully in the rest of your body again, it can help improve your immune system and reduce inflammation.

Where: Cryofuel, 499 Canal St.

Buy: Cool down here!

For even more calming spa services and energetic wellness activities to treat yourself to, click here!

Featured image: / Do Drunk Yoga

Source: https://secretnyc.co/treat-yourself-incredibly-relaxing-nyc-spa-treatments/

Model Angela Lindvall’s Guide to the Best Hidden Wellness Spots in New York City

Wellness Activities to Do in NYC

“In New York, you can tell how successful someone is by how busy they are,” says Angela Lindvall. “In L.A., you can tell because they’re surfing on their lunch break.”

The modeling icon would know. Though she’s been happily ensconced with her two sons in California’s bucolic Topanga Canyon for years, Manhattan is still a part of her life. And don’t call it a comeback, but this New York Fashion Week has been particularly high-profile for Lindvall, thanks to a pair of rare runway appearances for The Row and Baja East.

“It was always my dream, from the time I started modeling, to have a piece of land and grow food and have chickens and kids,” she says, “but coming back to New York is an opportunity to make a lot happen, and it’s been particularly nice this time to work with brands that have a larger message. What you can get done in one day here is unbelievable.”

Yesterday was a perfect example: After back-to-back meetings and a design session working on a forthcoming line of ethical jewelry, she hosted an event at the Noho boutique Voz, the handloomed-in-Chile fashion brand she’ll be the next face of.

The flip side of all this hustle and bustle is, of course, exhaustion, and for Lindvall—who is also a certified Kundalini yoga instructor and nutritional counselor—carving out regular time for self-care is paramount. “New Yorkers forget how important rest is,” she says. “It’s always go, go, go, go, go, even with workout routines and yoga.”

Luckily, she says, “Over the last few years there’s been so much growth and expansion in health and wellness. I’m really excited that there are so many more options.” Here, she reveals her favorite places in the city to rest, recharge, and refuel—the healthy way.

Enfleurage: Aromatherapy Sessions“This boutique sells essential oils from all over the world and its own handcrafted incense and other botanically scented products.

Working with the subtle elements of plant medicine is so powerful—in one drop of an essential oil there’s so much of the essence of the plant. I always have two or three in my bag.

If you’ve got a headache, you can use peppermint, or I to do a bath with frankincense and myrrh. I’m always traveling with lavender, because it brings an element of home and calming.”

237 West 13th Street, enfleurage.com

Osaka Spa: Soak and Shiatsu“This used to be my spot when I was living in New York and modeling full-time.

It’s a Japanese bathhouse—you basically do hot and cold soaks, which is really great for your immune system, and you go in the hot sauna. They do Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and traditional Shiatsu.

It’s great because it’s open past midnight. I know a lot of dancers go there when they finish work.”

37 West 46th Street, osakaspany.com

CAP Beauty: Skin-Saving Facials“I love what they’re doing—I think it’s great that they’ve provided this space for all these amazing natural products in the middle of Manhattan. I just had a facial there, and was transported to another universe.”

Source: https://www.vogue.com/article/wellness-guide-tips-new-york-city-angela-lindvall-new-york-fashion-week-fall-2017

Corporate Wellness and Well-Being Programsby FRESH Med in New York City

Wellness Activities to Do in NYC

“Wellness and well-being are not the same thing but they do influence each other. Well-being refers to a more holistic whole-of-life experience, whereas wellness refers just to physical health. Employers can have a big influence over employees’ wellbeing.

The more wellness opportunities offered in the workplace, the higher sense of wellbeing each employee will experience.

” — CDC and Gallup

Contact us to request a customized wellness program, or to schedule a health fair, health care screenings and/or other programs for your workplace.

The FRESH “Pro-Graham” brings a team of renowned certified and licensed healthcare professionals to your workplace to design and implement a wide range of wellness and disease prevention programs for your staff.  We pride ourselves on working in partnership with our clients to identify innovative approaches to addressing the health and wellness issues of and for their employees.

When you work with us, we will offer you scientifically backed programs. We listen to your needs, perform a formal needs assessment (before, during and after implementation), define your goals, tailor our programs to reflect your company’s unique culture.

We collaborate with your company’s leadership to offer a FRESH approach to your employee well-being. FRESH is an innovative, integrative corporate wellness and medical model that focuses on the five pillars of well-being: Food, Relaxation, Exercise, Sleep, and Happiness.

That’s FRESH.

A caring and trusted corporate wellness program where people matter, designed to engage employees, offer holistic care, achieve meaningful results and influence company culture.

Healthy and Happy Employees make companies and communities thrive!

Robert E. Graham, MD, MPH, ABOIM, FACP
Board Certified in Internal & Integrative Medicine

Julie Graham is a Certified Health Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, Positive Psychology Practitioner and is certified in Meditation and Aromatherapy.

Founders, Dr. Robert and Julie Graham, bring over 20 years of combined experience, expertise and leadership in health and wellness to their team.

Robert, medical doctor trained in Internal and Integrative Medicine with a Masters in Public Health working collaboratively with Julie, a Holistic Health Coach trained in Positive Psychology, Yoga, Meditation, Aromatherapy as well as Integrative Nutrition.

The Graham’s are passionate about making the work place a happier and healthier place. So, “Get with the Pro-Graham!”

Most recently, Dr. Graham was the Director of Integrative Health and Wellness for a large healthcare system, where he was responsible for 61,000 employees and all their wellness activities and initiatives.

As a medical doctor, he vetted and negotiated with wellness companies for data management, client tracking using large platforms and organized multihospital events often partnering with other wellness companies.


Julie blends her formal training and experience in nutrition, positive psychology, health coaching, yoga, meditation and has taught for Fortune 500 companies/organizations Harvard Medical School, NBC, Steve Madden, UniVision, Barclays, Northwell Health, just to name a few.

Currently, they have been traveling and consulting with companies and organizations about developing a sustainable, holistic, wellbeing FRESH “Pro-Graham.”

Robert and Julie have partnered with multiple wellness companies to expand their services to offer clients, companies and organizations, a medically supervised, practical, comprehensive and sustainable lifestyle program.

  They offer all complementary modalities under one roof, from Acupuncture to Yoga.  FRESH is your one-stop-shop for all your wellness needs. Our “Pro-FRESH-ionals” are all experienced, certified and insured wellness experts.

Our dedicated team makes it easy for you to engage and empower employees in wellness programs by providing a 360 “Pro-Graham.” As FRESH, we offer planning and implementation services, promotional assistance, marketing materials and research.

We measure everything from health, productivity, engagement, presenteeism, happiness and cost.  Our programs are backed by research and our top priority is to work with clients to achieve positive outcomes.

  After the program ends, we analyze the results of your employees’ evaluations to help you better understand and tailor your future corporate wellness needs.

We provide a confidential report that can validate your investment in our FRESH “Pro-Graham.”

Studies by Optum and others have shown that a company with a comprehensive wellness program can achieve the triple aim of:

1.  Reducing healthcare costs,

2.  Increasing employee engagement and productivity,

3.  Encouraging healthier and happier employees.

A more holistic approach to measuring your wellness program is to look at its value of investment, or VOI. It’s a broader and more detailed approach, and it goes much further than return of investment (ROI) does; ROI is a component of VOI.

“In traditional wellness programs, we measure success by participation and ROI on medical costs, but in today’s approach it’s not about ROI. It’s about productivity, and business metrics, and retention, and customer satisfaction. It’s not about health and benefits in silos, but about broader well-being, and that includes social connectedness, financial security, emotional health and job satisfaction.” The old way of getting everybody to do the same thing is being abandoned.” — LuAnn Heinen, VP of the National Business Group on Health

We host health fairs, workplace screenings, employee wellness lectures, executive physicals, office yoga, movement classes and much more. All classes/workshops are customizable and designed to educate, empower clients on how FRESH: food, relaxation, exercise, sleep and happiness, are the five pillars of wellbeing. 

Comprehensive FRESH Start to Health Program:

The FRESH approach to health “Pro-Graham” is a six module program for your employees our five pillars of well-being: Food, Relaxation, Exercise, Sleep and Happiness.

Over the course of the program, ideally six months, employees will learn how to make the right food choices, offer tools for stress reduction, encourage movement, teach techniques for optimal sleep and promote the pursuit of happiness.

Your employees will walk away from each module more educated and empowered to make better lifestyle choices.

Seminars/Workshops include:

·      Introduction to FRESH with Dr. Graham

·      Lunch and learn hour-long interactive and informative workshop/seminars

·      Monthly nutrition consultations, using iN body Machine

·      Individualized health coaching provides accountability and support

·      Access exclusive discounts on professional supplements and services  acupuncture, Pilates, massage and yoga

·      Access to community events ranging from expert talks to fitness classes

Once the participant is on-site, the program takes a very hands-on approach with a comprehensive wellness assessment, involvement in exercise and cooking classes, participation in resiliency and stress management sessions, one-on-one wellness coaching sessions, and access to fitness and yoga classes and spa services. The coach partners with the individual to shape an on-site experience and continues follow-up once the participant returns home to provide tools, resources and support intended to help them achieve their FRESH goals.

Reach your employees with a variety of engaging and educational workshops, led by our expert specialists (e.g. doctors, registered dietitians, stress management experts, health chefs and certified exercise, yoga and Pilates specialists). Workshops are tailored to engage employees through taste tests, nutrition, movement and wellness demonstrations.

Health Fairs:

We offer a variety of health fairs that can be customized to meet your company’s needs. Our events are educational and interactive and topics include preventive health, integrative health treatments, employee health screenings, in body, weight loss challenge, stress reduction, massage and acupuncture, physical therapy, yoga, Pilates, nutrition, and much more!

Health and Wellness Weeks:

Promote the values of healthy living with seasonal wellness weeks. Events can include health coaching, onsite fitness experiences, health workshops, massage days, meditation and more!

Office Health Coaching:

Offer one-on-one or group coaching with experts certified in meditation, positive psychology, nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

Our evidence-based model includes sequential health coaching designed to change behavior by changing mindsets, focusing on strengthens and supporting employees in better health, while reducing the risk of chronic conditions.

Our coaching services are facilitated by Julie, our certified Health Coach trained in Positive Psychology, and are available onsite, electronically or telephonically.

Office Meditation:

Mind/Body programs including yoga, chair yoga, meditation, stress reduction help reduce employee stress and foster a better sense of well-being. Facilitation led by teachers trained and certified in meditation and yoga includes relaxation response, mindfulness, imagery, breathing and various relaxation techniques.

Office Nutrition:

Encourage healthy eating options and evaluation of current nutritional status. Using the science of nutrition and the power of Positive Psychology we will find the foods that truly nourish you. Seminars include, fundamentals of food therapy, herbs and supplements, weight loss strategies, whole food-plant based, vegan, paleo, gluten-free theories and “Ask the nutritionist” Q&A.

Office Catering:

Collaborating with local farmers and chefs we offer cooking demonstrations, local Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) drop-offs, catering for lunch and special events.

We also design menus and advise on healthy food options in your neighborhood collaborating with local restaurants.

 Through collaboration with the Natural Gourmet Institute we host cooking classes—a great team-building exercise, too.  

Office Massage:

Boost morale, relieve muscle tension and reduce stress with in-office chair massage.

Office Yoga and Fitness:

Provide personal, small and large group exercise opportunities such as Yoga, Pilates, Walking or Running Clubs. Fitness classes are led by our certified exercise and movement specialist and built around your current available space. Office Yoga/Chair Yoga can help to build better posture on the job—and off.

Ergonomic Services:

Improve comfort, reduce injuries and improve productivity with onsite ergonomic programs. Programs are tailored to suit various office workstation needs.

Health Event Planning:

Provide your team with a health event customized for your culture and budget. Think anything wellness, supermarket tours, culinary workshops, group fitness challenges, stress relieving massage booths and so much more!

We want to help people adopt healthy behavioral changes in eating habits, stress management, physical activity, emotional and mental wellbeing, resiliency and improve their overall quality of life.  After mastering wellbeing on the personal level, we will help you learn how to make wellbeing a part of your company’s culture. We bring wellbeing into your business!

We help people break down barriers, dispel myths and give participants a comprehensive wellness experience tailored to their individual goals within Dr. Graham’s supervised scientific approach.

What makes this “Pro-Graham” unique is that it doesn’t end once the person leaves the workplace; it offers ongoing support long after the person returns home.

Together, we can enhance the well-being of your employees by investing in their wellness. Get FRESH!

Want a happier and healthier workplace? Start FRESH and “Get with the Pro-Graham”!

Contact us to request a customized wellness program, or to schedule a health fair, health care screenings, and/or other programs for your workplace, please contact Julie Graham, New Business Development, at Julie@freshmednyc.com

Source: https://www.freshmednyc.com/corporate-wellness-new-york-city