What to Expect at the Vancouver In Goop Health Summit

Dark Shadows, Cleansing Sweat Sessions, and More from Vancouver’s In Goop Health Summit

What to Expect at the Vancouver In Goop Health Summit

This past weekend, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand goop landed in Vancouver’s Stanley Park Pavilion for the first Canadian edition of In Goop Health.

The summit brought together goop-approved therapists, doctors, and beauty experts for a two-day wellness immersion.

Whether you tune into the goop podcast religiously, or abhor the very thought of the infamous yoni egg, goop can always be counted on to spark dialogue in the wellness world.

After downing a fizzy elixir made from vitamin C and collagen—as you do—I kicked Sunday morning off with a sound mediation led by Vancouver-based Theda Phoenix. Tucking myself into a blanket on my yoga mat, I closed my eyes and let the good vibrations wash over me.

A mix of crystal quartz, glass, and metal singing bowls were accompanied by Phoenix’s soft, ethereal voice. “Did anyone experience any visions?” Phoenix asked at the end of the meditation.

I couldn’t join the surprising number of women who raised their hands (I blame the symphony of kombucha bottles clinking outside the doors behind me) but the hour did fly by and left me feeling calm and relaxed. (Here’s more on what to expect during a meditation class.)

After floating the meditation in a sleepy stupor, I ordered an oat milk rooibos-tea latte from East Van Roasters’ coffee bar and made my way to the goop shop.

The beauty junkie in my drooled over rows of neatly stacked clean beauty brands Kosas, Tata Harper, Ursa Major, and goop’s eponymous label.

I thumbed through the rack of athleisure wear and the pop-up bookstore before filling my goop-status canvas tote with a lipstick and tinted face oil from Kosas (the stuff feels silk on your skin) and a copy of the buzzy Clarity Cleanse.

A short jaunt over a wet, leaf-strewn path brought me to a clear plastic tent for a fitness class with MISFITSTUDIO. The studio has a cult following in Toronto, fusing elements of yoga, dance, and pilates to create a cleansing, cathartic experience.

Founder Amber Joliat invited us to “open ourselves to the transformative power of movement and reconnect with our bodies” as rhythmic, heart-thumping music filled the space. Guided breathwork and fast-paced, fluid movements synchronized with uplifting sound left me energized and covered in sweat.

I heard rumours that a Vancouver location is in the works.

To replenish, I hustled my sweaty self over to the Glory Juice Co. station for a Magic Switchel which is chalk-full of immune-boosting ingredients lemon, ginger, maple syrup and Blue Majik, a blue-green algae.

Between that, a B12 shot from Fig Facial, an innovative beauty boutique opening soon in Vancouver (more on them later), Tonica Kombucha, and an adaptogen-infused sparkling elixir, I’ve learned you can never have enough health tonics in a day, especially at a goop event.

Then things got dark. In his afternoon workshop, psychotherapist and author Barry Michels introduced us to our shadow selves.

According to Michels, your shadow is the part of yourself that you’ve disowned or repressed, but when uncovered can lead to true confidence, self-expression, and authentic relationships.

Michels began by giving the audience a method for identifying our shadows through a visualization exercise. “What would I never want anyone to know about me?” Michels voiced to the room.

Sprinkled with humour and tidbits about how insecure Hollywood’s elite actually are (they’re just us, friends!), Michels outlined his formula for making peace with your shadow and using it as a resource instead of trying to deny it. Learn more about the shadow in my conversation with Michels here.

While I may not prescribe to some of the philosophies and health remedies the brand touts (ahem, vaginal steaming) I’ll continue to cherry pick my way through the goop wellness wisdom. I’m convinced it does more goop than harm.

Psst… goop is coming to Toronto next month and bringing a special guest with them. Stay tuned for more info!

Source: https://www.besthealthmag.ca/best-you/wellness/dark-shadows-cleansing-sweat-sessions-and-more-from-vancouvers-in-goop-health-summit/

Goop health summit coming to Vancouver in October

What to Expect at the Vancouver In Goop Health Summit

In Goop Health Summit

When: Oct. 27

Where:Stanley Park Pavilion

Tickets and info: $400 plus taxes; Goop.com

The Gwyneth Paltrow-led lifestyle website Goop is setting its sights on Canada.

Started in 2008, the site has since grown to include product lines, a print magazine, a podcast and more. Goop’s expansion has also included an In Goop Health Summit featuring panel discussions, seminars on wellness, yoga and celebrity appearances.

While the website has been criticized for discussing some controversial — and sometimes seemingly silly — health topics in the past, it has developed a dedicated following of readers. And the Goop summits have reportedly drawn hundreds of attendees at past events in New York and Los Angeles.

This October, the Goop team is bringing the summit to Canada, with the event slated to take place in Vancouver.

While Paltrow has not been confirmed to be attending the Vancouver event, we checked in with Elise Loehnen, the chief content officer for Goop, to learn more about the summit — and what attendees can expect.

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Q. For those who aren’t familiar, what is Goop?

A. We describe it as a modern, luxury lifestyle brand that’s built on a digital platform. We cover everything from wellness, to travel, to fashion and beauty. All under one roof.

Q. What made this the right time to launch a health summit in Canada?

A.After the United States, Canada is our biggest market of readers. We have a lot of, primarily women, north of our border who are really interested in what we’re doing. I think Canada, in general, is a little bit ahead of the United States in terms of health and wellness and the environment. So, it’s sort of a natural fit for us.

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Q. And what made Vancouver the right city to host the event?

A.Some of our most ardent readers are actually a group of women from Vancouver. Vancouver is ahead of the curve, for Canada, but also for North America, in terms of the way (people) live. Vancouver is, in a way, the poster child for what we’re trying to build.

Q. How involved is Gwyneth Paltrow in the brand? 

A.She’s incredibly involved. I know it’s shocking to people, but she approves every single story and every single product in the buy. She works incredibly closely with all the product development teams on things we make for the Goop line. … When she is in L.A.

, which is the vast majority of the time, she comes to the office every day. She leads our weekly standup. She knows more about the business than pretty much every other executive. It’s wild. But that’s just how she is. And, literally, from day one, that is always how I’ve known her.

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Q. What can people expect from the event? 

A.This will be our fourth In Goop Health. We’ve done two in Los Angeles and one in New York. This will be our first international In Goop Health and the first time we’ve done one that’s not where our offices are located.

It’s going to be a more intimate day. We’re selling fewer tickets, at a lower price point, and it’s a little bit less of a time commitment. There will be panels, and some workshops and exercise classes that we’ll do as a group.

Q. How many spots will there be?

A. We’re selling approximately 200 tickets, so it will be significantly smaller.

Q. Past events have included celebrity guests such as Drew Barrymore and Miranda Kerr. Any early hints of surprises or guests you can share? 

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A.It’s still tight-lipped, so everyone has to stay tuned.

Q. The website has posted on some controversial topics in the past. Can you offer any comment on that? 

A.Our readers are incredibly engaged. They look at the site very carefully and they understand what resonates with them and what doesn’t. We just did a survey on our podcast listeners, for example, and 30 per cent have a master’s degree or higher.

What’s interesting about the criticism is we really don’t hear it from our readers. They understand the intent behind everything that we’re doing and they can parse out what’s relevant to them and what’s not.

It’s people who aren’t familiar with the site, who maybe hear about something third-hand and have an outsized reaction to it.

Internally, we try to be as buttoned up as possible and really be clear about what we’re doing.

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But it’s interesting because so many readers come to us from a place of ‘Oh, I heard about this thing that was crazy’ and then they come and they say, ‘Oh, this isn’t crazy at all. This is actually how I live and what I’m interested in, how I want to eat and how I want to travel.’ And then they flip, because their expectation was that we’re doing crazy things. And we’re really not.

Q. Lastly, will this event signify a larger emphasis on Canada for Goop? 

A.We want to come to Canada more, and make it more experiential. So, I think you’ll see us coming again and again, to do things experientially. Because that’s where the brand really resonates. To be able to engage with readers and not just be online-only.

And then, I think we will be looking to other global markets. Because Gwyneth started Goop while she was living in London, so that’s a natural next step for us. But I think Canada and Australia are really forward and are, in many ways, leading this conversation, so I think you’ll see us there, as well.


Source: https://vancouversun.com/entertainment/celebrity/goop-health-summit-coming-to-vancouver-in-october

Goop Is Looking for People to Work at Its Vancouver Summit for Free

What to Expect at the Vancouver In Goop Health Summit

Gwyneth Paltrow. Photo: Taylor Hill/WireImage/Getty Images

Do you own jeans and white sneakers? Can you stand on your feet for 12 hours? Do you live in or around Vancouver? Are you familiar with cupping and an energetic self-starter? Are you comfortable spending a day with women who are willing to pay around $300 American dollars a ticket to be educated on the dangers of tomato seeds? Can you lift 30 pounds and use a tablet? If you answered yes to all of those questions (plus a couple of more follow-ups), you may be qualified to provide Gwyneth Paltrow with free labor, if only for a weekend.

According to a missive popping up on local Vancouver websites, Goop is hiring volunteers to work at the company’s first-ever international wellness conference, In Goop Health, in Vancouver on October 27. The workers will assist with crowd flow, directing guests to a panel on astro-psychology, or helping them find a washroom after too much chlorofyll-infused water.

Despite the steep cost of entry to the summit (taking place at the Stanley Park Pavilion, one of the city’s most popular wedding venues), volunteers themselves will not be paid in money but something less tangible: the essence of Goop.

They will be able to soak up the atmosphere, which promises, per the help-wanted ad, to be “transformative.” Working alongside the unpaid 18 or so volunteers will be a group of close to 100 staffers on the payroll.

 A Goop spokeswoman explained to the Cut that the company decided to offer a volunteer option after receiving dozens of queries from people eager to get involved, adding that the volunteers will operate “ docents.”

Though it’s unpaid, the work won’t be lax. The posting details expectations befitting a $250 million company: a compulsory two-hour training session on the evening before the conference (October 26) and a 6:30 a.m.–6:30 p.m. work day on October 27 and/or October 28.

Volunteers will be on-hand to make sure guests (who have all shelled out CAD$400 a ticket) have a calm and mindful experience with check-in and line-ups.

They’ll also help out at Goop Hall, which is where guests can stop in for a B12 shot and peruse the latest advances in jade eggs and collagen drinks.

Un other cities NYC (which charged $450–$4,500 for different levels of service, access and swag), In Goop Health Vancouver is egalitarian in its “one price fits all” approach, befitting the ethos of its Canadian clientele who are accustomed to things free health care.

The application process for volunteers seems fairly breezy, with questions that are as generic as any you’d find for an on-site conference gig, focusing on experience levels (in retail and live events) and availability, as well as asking applicants to provide their T-shirt size and social-media handles. There’s not a single question about astrological signs or aura colors, but there is a “tell us about yourself” section to include the pertinent details.

And although the main event is only one day, volunteers are asked to provide their availability for October 28 as well. There’ll be an array of workshops for breath work, meditation, and body sculpting that are free to those who sign up in advance.

Volunteers will have access to food and snacks. If past In Goop Health conferences are a clue, Bulletproof coffee, lox burritos, and kale cookies & cream ice cream could be on the menu, as well as the requisite vegan/GF/allergy-sensitive dishes.

They’ll also be gifted with the same swag bags as attendees (ly a sweet haul; past iterations have included Goop skin care and those expensive dusts that make you horny), as well as free access to a $150 workshop with author and GP-approved psychotherapist Dr.

Barry Michels.

But those thinking of volunteering just to catch a glimpse of the flaxen-haired guru herself need not apply. Gwyneth is not scheduled to attend the conference.

Goop Is Looking for People to Work at Its Summit for Free

Source: https://www.thecut.com/2018/10/gwyneth-paltrow-seeks-volunteers-for-in-goop-health-summit.html

Wellness wizards or gurus for the gullible? Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop lands in Vancouver

What to Expect at the Vancouver In Goop Health Summit

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About 200 people turned out to Vancouver’s Stanley Park Pavilion on Saturday to take part in a wellness summit put on by Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop brand.

Participants shelled out $400 plus tax to attend the inaugural “In Goop Health” summit, an event that included meditation and breath work classes, workout sessions, expert talks, catering and cocktails.

Paltrow has described the event as a “summit focused toward being and achieving the optimal versions of ourselves.”

Global News wanted to get a closer look at the In Goop Health Summit, but despite being on public property, was told by an event staffer that its cameras were making attendees “uncomfortable.”

Paltrow founded the Goop brand in 2008, and in the decade since it has grown into a $250 million company.

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It has also racked up its share of critics, who have targeted the brand’s health claims and accused it of promoting pseudoscience.

Back in September, a California court levied $145,000 in civil penalties against the company over unscientific claims regarding three products, including a vaginally-inserted jade egg meant to improve women’s sex lives and a tincture called Inner Judge Flower Essence Blend that supposedly “assists in the clearing of guilt, shame, self-criticism and blame.”

WATCH: Gwyneth Paltrow’s company Goop is coming to Canada

0:55 Gwyneth Paltrow’s company Goop is coming to Canada

Gwyneth Paltrow’s company Goop is coming to Canada

The court also ruled that Goop couldn’t make any new product claims without scientific evidence to back them up.

“Gwyneth has recommended allowing bees to sting your face as a kind of therapy and people have actually died using that therapy, so it’s potentially physically harmful,” said Tim Caulfield, Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy at the University of Alberta.

“So it sort of contributes to this erosion of critical thinking.”

READ MORE: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop pays $145K over ‘unscientific’ claims about vaginal Jade Eggs

Artist Douglas Bevans stirs a pot of Hot Dog Water. Global News

Concern over that erosion is what drew artist Douglas Bevans, the satirical CEO of ‘health miracle drink’ Hot Dog Water, to the Goop summit.

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Dressed a giant hot dog and stirring a steaming pot of wieners, Bevans set up a kiosk outside the event marketing his “Keto-compatible” drink.

The $37.99 product’s slick marketing promises it will help you lose weight, stay young and improve brain function.

None of that is true, of course, but Bevans said it’s about targeting the gullibility associated with the health and beauty industry.

WATCH: Tim Caulfield Targets Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop

3:38 Tim Caulfield Targets Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop

Tim Caulfield Targets Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop

“It’s not Goop, it’s the whole lifestyle quackery that exists in this era,” he said. “Celebrity endorsements and bogus products… I think we’re all susceptible to targeted marketing and all these things were weren’t 50 years ago.”

At $37.99, Hot Dog water claims to increase brain function and reduce the aging process. Global News

The event, however, has its own supporters — evidenced by the fact that despite the hefty price tag, the summit sold out.

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READ MORE: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop expanding to Canada — and some medical experts aren’t happy

Karen Pearce was one of the attendees on Saturday, who said the event was about “a lot of learning.”

“There’s panels throughout the day with varied experts on all spectrums, a lot of education on health and wellness, gut health, anxiety,” she said.

“You also learn about beauty routines and the latest in that. Anything that’s progressive, that’s what we’re talking about there.”

All the same, Pearce admits it’s buyer beware — and that at the end of the day it’s up to consumers to make choices about their health.

“I think Goop does a good job of bringing the content,” she said.

“Then its up to you to adapt and look into it more yourself or not.”

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